7 Quick Tips For Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Hey, you’re getting married! And you’ve decided to plan the wedding yourself, good for you. Of course, I don’t need to tell you how tough this process can be on you. There’s a reason it’s considered a full-time position. So, you’re about to dive into the deep end of wedding planning. What are some tips that can keep you on the right path?

With that in mind, we’ve put together a brief list of the most relevant tips for anyone trying to plan their perfect wedding.

  1. Don’t Try To Tough It Out

It really is tragic that some women actually push themselves this hard, but under no circumstances should you consider this option unless you’re completely incapable of hiring any help. The truth about weddings is that even the best ones can be terribly stressful ordeals. And you don’t deserve to be stressed out the entire time you’re planning things out.

So, how can you avoid toughing it out? Simple: ask people for help. Believe it or not, your friends and family are willing to carry their share of the weight.

  1. Get Super Organized

There are lots of perks to being a professional event planner. Good pay, reasonable hours and a fantastic sense of what you’re doing actually making a difference in people’s lives. But do you know what the event coordinator secret is? It’s essentially just making sure every minute of every day is well-organized.

If you want to start planning your perfect wedding, learn to take those powers of observation and apply them elsewhere as well.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource

In regards to toughing it out and getting super organized, there’s a chance that it’s all become too much for you. If that’s the case, there is no need to panic. You have a variety of exit strategies, and you can bring plenty of people on board with little difficulty. There is, of course, the argument for doing it for yourself. But the modern woman just might not have the time to pull it off. That’s why you should consider an event planner.

The best part of working with an event planner, in my opinion, is the freedom from responsibility that comes with it.

  1. You’re In Service To The Guests

First off, let me be clear: this is your wedding. At the end of the day, you give the commands as you see fit. But that being said, there are going to be plenty of other people at your wedding. Ensuring that they have a positive experience should absolutely be one of your priorities when planning this event.

It starts with you determining more or less how many guests you’ll be inviting, even before you settle on the venue for the event. You want to do this because this way, you can start to make sure there’s enough space for you, your guests and the crew.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once your guests are at the wedding, you’ll want to make sure your guests are able to both hear and see you and any events or entertainment you have planned for the night.

  1. Leave Wiggle Room In Your Budget

Okay, so let me preface this by saying that when it comes to planning the perfect wedding (or any event, really), you always want to give yourself firm guidelines and stick to them. But that being said, it’s in your best interest to leave yourself some wiggle room. Particularly when it comes to budgeting, you’ll want to leave some room in the budget for things like custom bridesmaid dresses.

The reality of wedding budgeting is that people always spend more than they originally anticipated. By intentionally giving yourself some buffer space, you can ensure that you don’t have to make tough decisions down them.

  1. Come Up With A Meal Plan

Alright, so this probably sounds basic, right? Absolutely not. This process can actually be surprisingly tricky if you’re not sure what you’re doing. You may not realize this, but you’ll probably have to feed your wedding day crew. Of course, it’s not required that you give them the same meal you’re giving the guests, but it can still be a struggle.

Also, make sure you let your wedding caterer know how many vendors to feed a few days before the wedding.

  1. Don’t Take Rejection Personally

We know it’s your special day, but the truth is that some people simply won’t be able to RSVP for a number of reasons. Instead of reading into it and trying to determine why they said no, thank them for their consideration and move on emotionally.

What are you doing to simplify the wedding planning process? Share your strategies in the comments.