Why are nails important?

Nails are coverings on the surface of fingertips or toes. Both humans and animals have nails. It is interesting to note nails are dead cells. They can also help doctors tell if you are healthy or not.

Why are nails important?

Nails can tell a lot about a person. Not everyone has the same nail colour or shape. One can tell what type of person you are by looking at your nails. People who bite their nails are usually associated with having a shy behaviour. Dirty nails can mean either your job requires a lot of lifting or you are a scruffy person or you playing casino games at the best casino.

It is believed that nails started being a tool a long time ago. Nails are said to have evolved from claws which are animal nails. Their functions were rather the same. Back in the day nails were a tool, they would help when digging, among other tasks like playing poker at king johnnie casino. This is why scientists believe that in this modern society nails have become useless.

Nail Health Tips

Since nails and health are linked it is important for one to follow these health tips. Do keep nails dry and clean at all times. This is to prevent bacteria from growing under fingernails which may cause split fingernails and weak nails. Gloves are essential when doing dishes or when one is dealing with strong chemicals.

Don’t bite off nails as this might completely destroy the nail beds and destructure your nails. When one is to get a manicure or pedicure avoid pulling off those artificial nails as this might remove some of the live tissues on your nails. This also causes nails to be weak.

Even when you are playing joka room casino games don’t bite on your nails. Nails tend to keep a lot of dirt underneath them. By biting these nails off it means that you are taking in some of that dirt into your body, be it chemicals that you have been handling or you have been scratching your head. Dirt is never good to ingest.