The Best Prohormones for Cutting

In the world of bodybuilding, a person is either bulking, which is a process of gaining weight and muscles through excess calorie intake, or cutting, which is when you go through a process of losing fat so as to get lean and ripped.

What is Cutting?

Cutting is usually started a couple of months before starting a major workout regimen and it includes a diet that helps you lose weight but gain a lot of muscle at the same time. Typically, a cutting diet is mostly unique to an individual and it is high in carbs and protein. Of course, it should be accompanied by workouts and weightlifting. You can see how to follow a proper cutting diet here.

This diet lasts for about 2- 4 months and will likely be leading up to a competition or an event. While a lot of athletes need to do this from time to time usually every year, others may do it so as to be good looking, fit and sharp.

When cutting, what you want to lose is the body fat and not the lean muscles or anything else that is useful to the body. Adopting the right approach through using an efficient cutting diet, proper workouts and taking prohormones that aid cutting is necessary to ensure this.

What are Prohormones?

These compounds are a precursor to hormones, having a similar structure to anabolic steroids and creating very similar results but actually functioning differently. A lot of athletes use them as they help to achieve their goal of body ripping, weight loss or gain, muscle packing, etc. but with fewer side effects when compared to anabolic steroids.

Prohormones are very effective when it comes to cutting and packing on lean muscles quickly as they help the body create hormones naturally. There are specific dos and don’ts of the cutting phase but that is not within the scope of this article.

If you are considering using prohormones for cutting, here are the ways in which they aid you:

  • They enhance the loss of body fat by boosting metabolism.
  • They provide you with energy for your workouts so you can lift heavy things even during a deficit.
  • They help to burn more energy resulting in greater stamina and endurance. The more you burn energy, the greater fat you lose provided you do not overeat.
  • They help retain more muscle tissue so you can look better and healthier.

What are the Best Prohormones for Cutting?

When using prohormones, using the right product based on what you want to achieve is important. Prohormones are of two types: wet and dry. While a wet product will retain water in the body and make you look bulkier, dry compounds do not retain water.

The wet option is usually more potent and it aids the synthesis of protein in the muscles making them great for bulking.

Dry prohormones, on the other hand, are the ones that will not cause water retention when they are used but rather they enable a well-defined physique through the hardness of the muscles. This makes them the best for cutting.

The whole purpose of working out and exercising, dieting and using prohormones is to get that lean shredded body so you will want substances that will give the desired results. Instead of just taking any prohormone, know which ones are suited to your bodybuilding goals.

The best supplements will help you to not only burn fat and be leaner, but also to gain muscles and that quickly too. Having said this, below are some of the best prohormones for cutting. You can however get an extensive list in this article.

Ironmag Labs Super 1-Andro RX: This supplement will help you build quality lean muscles and will also boost your strength and body mass without carrying on extra fat. 1-Andro is very potent, converting to 1-Testosteron in your body. It will not cause any liver issues as it is non-methylated.

Blackstone Labs Chosen 1: This is a potent and one of the most powerful options you can find. It is a 1-DHEA supplement that helps you build strength and lean mass. It will supply you with a lot energy to work out more and ultimately cut out fat. It also does not retain water nor make you bloat. It is also safe to use without any fear or risk of health issues.

Mutagenic Labz Mutation-X: This is a blend of Trenavar which is also referred to as either Estra-4,9,11 or Trendione and SD Matrix. It is anabolic and thereby it stimulates a high level of protein synthesis. Every dose of this supplement contains 10mg of Trenavar, 10mg of SD Matrix and 5mg of Piperine.

Mutagenic Labz M-Sten: This prohormone is for the experienced athletes. It is highly anabolic and also is the purest Methylsten product around. With each dose, you get 10mg Methylstenbolone and 5mg or Piperine. Using this product brings about loss of fat, muscle gains, and a pretty lean look.

Pumping Iron M-Tren: This is another option great for cutting with almost instant results. There is no water retention when using it so you can have full dry muscles, increased strength, no bloating and a great physique.

What are the Side Effects?

Every form of drug has one side effect or another. The best are simply those with minimal or negligible ones. The best prohormones do have side effects too. These may include:

  • Hair loss
  • Reduced HDL cholesterol
  • Acne
  • Increase in blood pressure

To forestall these side effects, ensure you use substances with guidance from experts. After the completion of a cycle, it is also recommended that you go through a post cycle therapy (PCT).

One other thing is where you source your product. When you buy from a trusted and reputable source such as, you are likely to get good advice on doses and cycle period. Take care to adhere to the advice.


Completing a prohormone cycle is important when you start. If you skip doses often or every now and then, you are not going to get the desired results. While for some, the results are seen almost immediately the cycle starts, others might need to wait till later in the cycle or at the end so finishing once you start is key even when you are not seeing results yet. Endeavor to follow the advice and guidance of your trainer at all times.

As you take the supplements, do not forget to maintain proper diet if you intend to cut and lose fat. You won’t get the best results too if you have a poor diet plan.