The Benefits Of Yoga


We hear it time and again that ‘yoga has amazing benefits’ and we should all consider taking it up if we’re able to. Yoga has been around for thousands of years dating back to ancient India where it was founded as a means of unifying the mind, body and spirit. Much yoga teacher training still incorporates these original ideas. Yoga in all its forms and schools has become hugely popular in recent years due to its scientifically proven benefits for the body in not just flexibility and circulation but numerous other fantastic perks. Here are just a few of the top benefits of doing yoga.


Yoga significantly helps with respiration and circulation. The movement, the poses, the breathing and everything associated with the practice will help get your muscles warmed up and thus improve respiration. If you have the sniffles or allergies, you might be surprised how much easier you breathe after a session of yoga.


This is a huge one – yoga is comprised of sometimes crazy poses like standing on your shoulders. Seriously – who stands on their shoulders except children? If you miss that feeling of freedom of standing on your shoulders, this is for you. After just a few classes you might be surprised just what your body can do that it couldn’t before, even if it’s just touching your toes!

Joint Strength

Another massive benefit – yoga will help improve joint strength. Regardless of whether it’s elbows, knees, your spine, hips or neck, yoga will help improve your joints and their strength. If you have any kind of joint pain or issues, light yoga can help strengthen them which will in turn help eliminate most types of pain.

Weight Loss

Yes! The rumours are true. Yoga helps with weight loss. You may not notice many results immediately unless you have made changes to your diet, but yoga helps to build muscle and shed fat inches, which helps you look slimmer and trimmer while burning unsightly and unwanted fat. Win-win, right?

Improved Muscle Tone

Along with weight loss, yoga helps to create and improve muscle tone. Holding sometimes challenging postures for periods of time can help to work the muscles. Even if you don’t think it’s working, it totally is!


It’s no secret that yoga is great way to relax and unwind and with breathing techniques and a position called Savasena which involves literally lying on the floor it’s easy to see how it can be seriously relaxing. Check out some of the great breathing techniques that are involved in yoga, such as breath of fire, singular nostril breathing and more.

So if you’re looking to join up a yoga class, grab a pair of girl yoga pants and head to your nearest gym that offers classes. Be sure to check out what kinds of yoga are on offer before you sign up as there are so many different types – some involve more meditation and breathing while some are more like pilates! Most of all, enjoy and have fun with your new centered self!