The Art of Not Caring

Many a times life throws   lemons at you and you might fail to understand why. At most times it’s what people do to you that makes you numb or just lose the zeal to be human. That shouldn’t get to you because we are here to help understand the art of not caring and also help you safeguard your sanity and maintain a healthy life.

 How to avoid the effects of Ill treatment

Being constantly ill treated especially by those around you can be one of the most dangerous things to take in. When it happens we often try to focus on the positives and give excuses for people who continuously hurt us. This is because some people are naturally kind hearted and they always strive to see the best in everyone. If you keep on giving excuses for why people mistreat you then you will end up with a trail of miserable memories. The bad thing about this life is that you will find yourself accepting the bad situations that are far from acceptable. So the next time you feel hurt or uncomfortable by what some people have done to you, stop and ask yourself if it’s worth it and if you deserve it.Rather play real money online slots UK than hanging up with people who mistreat you.

The sad thing is that people who mistreat other do it to feed their ego. To them a bruised ego is never an option hence they take it on those people who seem docile and weak. What they fail to understand is that being docile and weak is a choice and it could also mean respect. Many a times people who appear weak are quite aware and they record every incident and too bad they do not quickly respond. They give it time and sometimes they rely on karma. Just as much as karma is real, sometimes all you need to do step up for yourself.

Fake it till the y can’t take it no more

Most people who appear happy and strongest are the ones who hurt the most. However, they have mastered the art of putting up faces and they have also mastered the art of gaining strength through pain. If you are tired of such a life, play best online betting Canada games where every player is appreciated regardless of who they are.