Massage Therapy Risks And Benefits To Consider

Massage therapy is now much more accessible for people from all around the world than it used to be. In the past this was something highly associated with luxurious spas but now we see therapy being offered in hospitals, clinics, at work, spas and even in completely unexpected locations, like airports. The problem is most people do not actually know that much about massage in general and see it as something that is either not that effective or that has absolutely zero associated risks. You want to get rid of this belief and learn about both benefits and risks when you choose massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Most massages fall into the category of alternative and complementary medicine. Normally we see it used together with regular treatment for many different situations and medical conditions. Although we still do need to see the results of different studies that are being conducted, we do know that massage therapy is quite useful for people affected by different pains, depression, anxiety, stress, immunity problems, injuries, high blood pressure and even cancer.

Some people appreciate massages as they offer comfort and care, creating a feeling of peace and quiet. That empowers and creates connections. However, we should never look at massage therapy as an actual treatment for conditions. It is complementary and some risks do exist.

Massage Therapy Risks

Generally, massage therapy is safe. The only real condition is to be sure that the therapist is properly trained and experienced. At the same time, massage may not be a good choice for you. It is important to talk to the doctor in the event you are suffering from fractures, pain that cannot be explained, open wounds, blood clots, cancer, are pregnant or you have arthritis.

There are massage types that will create soreness. However, massage should never be uncomfortable and/or painful. When you feel pain, you need to highlight it and let the massage therapist know. There are different problems that can appear because of applying pressure during the session. In pretty rare situations massages can cause nerve damage, internal bleeding, an allergic reaction and temporary paralysis.

Choosing An Experienced Massage Therapist

After knowing as much as possible about the benefits and risks of massage therapy, it should be pretty obvious that one of the most important decisions you will make is who you will go to for massage sessions. If you hire someone that does not have experience or that has zero formal training, you expose yourself to the possibility of being injured or making the condition you suffer from a lot worse.

Do be sure that you learn all that you can about the massage therapist and about the prices that are normal to be charged based on the type of massage you want. Be extremely careful when the prices are too low because this is almost always a sign of low experience. It is usually better to pay a little more in order to actually gain the benefits associated with massage therapy.