How You Can Best Overcome Addiction

Addiction is an affliction and a disease which can strike any of us, there are many different layers to why we become addicted to things and if you want to change then here are some top tips to help you overcome your problem. When people think of addiction they usually attribute it to drugs and alcohol but addiction can come in many forms from chocolate, coffee, cigarettes to power. The causes of addiction are often the same and as such, so are the solutions.

There are lots of great people like Erik Bugen out there helping people overcome addiction and we want to lend a hand too, if you have an addiction then here are some ways in which you can overcome it.


The first step in overcoming addiction is identifying that you have a problem in the first place, listening to friends and family who are concerned may not be very nice but they care about you and want to see you get better. Listening to those around you is a great way in which you can identify the fact that you have a problem.

Find Motivation

Simply getting better is rarely sufficient motivation for anyone with addiction so it will be important that you find something real which you can hold on to in order to overcome your problems. A great way to find your motivation is to sit down and make a list of the details of your addiction, what does it prevent you from doing? What kind of person does it make you? What kind of person would you be without the addiction? These are questions that will not only shine a light on your problems but also enable you to find a reason for beating your addiction.

Making a Plan

In order to overcome your addiction you should make a plan which you can stick to, write down a timeline, what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. What a written plan will give you is something that will keep you on course should you waver in your commitments. Don’t worry if you don’t complete a goal that you have set for yourself, it can happen. The key to your plan is that you are striving or something, breaking down your recovery from addiction into bitesize and manageable chunks will make the entire process far easier.

Professional Help

If you feel as though your addiction is too big to take on alone then there is a great deal of professional help available to you. This kind of help comes in many forms, it isn’t just about booking yourself into rehab. Lots of addiction charities offer counselors with whom you can talk to, these people can be great sounding boards for any problems and struggles which you are facing and they can offer advice on how you should move forward. You are never alone when facing addiction, there is a huge network of people out there who want to help you overcome your problems and improve your life.