How To Kick Your Health and Fitness Into Next Gear This Winter

The winter is approaching which means there is a new year coming up which generally is connected with fitness and health resolutions. The crowded gym in January is no place to kick your fitness level up a notch. Start ASAP when it comes to your health as feeling and looking better should be a daily priority for you as well as your family. The winter also comes with holidays which can mean copious amounts of food as well as drinks consumed over a couple of day period. You can still get fit this winter regardless of how much your family consumes during this period. The following are ways to kick your health and fitness up this winter.

Cut Out Bad Habits

We all have bad habits when it comes to our health whether it is not washing our hands enough or drinking too much on the weekends. This does not mean that you cannot change as just like a habit was formed, another habit can be formed just as easily. Smoking is a great example of something that you can cut down on almost immediately as you can start weaning yourself off of cigarettes by vaping, but check out the do’s and dont’s of vaping before you get started. The electronic cigarette route has become popular for those who want some nicotine without the negative impacts that cigarettes come with as well as the smell. DIY E juices are available for those people who want to save a bit of money or like to smoke often.

Meal Prep

The holidays are a crazy time for families when it comes to eating on a regular schedule. With company holiday parties as well as Christmas events for the children can leave almost no time to cook a meal on certain days. Plan ahead and meal prep for these situations so you can just throw something in the oven after a long day of work for the entire family to eat. Fast food is so popular because it is a fast and easy way to eat. The convenience of this is immense but the bad impacts it can have on health are just as large.

Plan For Gym Closures

The gym schedule during this week is going to be hectic as not all gyms have the same holiday hours. Plan this ahead of time and get in your workouts early in the week. In some climates the winter is not the time to exercise outside so try to find another thing to do like go to a rec center and play basketball. The natural instinct to go home after finding out the gym is closed and doing nothing all day should be suppressed.

Use Your Vacation Wisely

Using your vacation as a time to get fit can be done via paid time off days that you have accrued. Simply taking the Monday and Tuesday off before Thanksgiving will give you 9 days of relaxation. Going to the gym for an hour or two in the morning each day will allow you to enjoy your vacation and avoid getting out of shape. This is well worth it as anyone who has taken a break from the gym knows, it is twice as difficult to get back into shape than to stay in shape. Getting a head start on the resolution that everybody seems to make yearly will be an inspiration to others. If you are a parent it is important to instill a healthy lifestyle in your children as this can impact them for life.

As you can see it is not time to go into holiday hibernation when it comes to your health and fitness. This can be a great opportunity to get a head start on the health resolution you are going to make anyway!