How To Get Through Your Breast Biopsy Procedure


If you have found a lump in your breast or anything else which appears untoward then you will have been asked to go into the doctors or the hospital in order to have a breast biopsy procedure. Like any other woman in the world this will be something that will be scaring the life out of you and the waiting around can be very difficult indeed. This time last year I saw a small lump underneath my left breast and I also had to go in for a biopsy in order to find out what was going on. Thankfully what I had was just a small ball of fat which had grown and nothing more sinister. If you have to go in for a biopsy I wanted to try and share some tips with you to try and help you to stay calm.

The Procedure

The biopsy is a very simple procedure and it certainly isn’t something that you should be worrying about. During the procedure the doctor will simply take a small piece of skin from you which they will then send of to be tested. The hardest part of this is not the procedure itself, but the waiting around for the results.

Don’t Google

It can be very tempting to start looking all over the internet for the potential results of whatever you have going on but this is something which you should try to avoid. We always assume the worst at times like this and if you believe what you are reading then you will have diagnosed yourself with cancer before you know it. Avoid looking on any sites in terms of trying to diagnose yourself, by all means look into the biopsy process, but don’t look beyond that.


At this early stage I would say that the only people who you should be telling about this would be your significant other and perhaps your closest friends. In most cases I would actually advise that you don’t tell anyone about the biopsy. The reason for this is simply that there is no need to cause alarm or to worry someone unnecessarily. In most cases the results of the biopsy come back negative which means that if you have already told people, you would have made them worried about you for no reason whatsoever. My advice would be to keep it to yourself until you have the results, or simply confide in one or two of your closest people.


The best thing that you can do when waiting for both the biopsy and the results is to distract yourself and this is another reason why telling less people is better. If less people know then they won’t talk about it and they can help you to keep your mind off the biopsy. It is easier said than done of course but being distracted is very welcoming indeed.