Household options for new parents


If you are about to welcome a baby into your home, you are probably working on a list of things to buy for the new family member. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, being a new parent is a challenging job – but with the right products, you can be fully prepared for life with your bundle of joy.

From practical and budget-friendly to hi-tech and efficient, here you will find suggestions for the purchases you can make to create a happy and safe home for you and your newborn baby.

Items for baby proofing

As you prepare your home for a newborn, your first priority will be making your home safe for the baby. Many people first think of childproof locks and gates to put on their list, and while these are important, there are many other things to look for. Fortunately, there are all kinds of products available to help you properly baby-proof your entire home.

Sharp corners are a hazard for babies that are learning to crawl and explore the home. To prevent injuries, you can purchase corner buffers for counters, tables, or other pointed furniture. In addition, socket protectors will protect your baby from any unused electrical outlets.

Items for daily needs

Your daily routine as a parent – feeding, changing, and bathing– can be made easier with the right items in your home. A diaper bag and baby-specific cleaning products will be crucial, and if you are bottle-feeding, bottles and formula will be on your shopping list. You will also need to buy a car seat, preferably one that doubles as a baby carrier you can use in and out of your home.

One useful way to save money is to buy items that can also be used as your baby grows older. For example, the best option for a high chair is one that can also be used as a toddler high chair over the years. Similarly, you can buy baby bottles that can be converted into sippy cups later. By purchasing items that can be used in infancy and beyond, you can save money on future purchases.

Items for bedtime

Infants can sleep for up to 20 hours a day, so your baby will be spending a lot of time in his or her bed. While some parents share a bed with their baby, buying a crib is usually the best and safest option – so you want to make sure to get the right crib and bedtime accessories.

Firstly, your baby’s crib should be safe and free of clutter such as blankets, pillows, or stuffed toys; all you will need are a few sets of comfortable bedding and maybe a swaddling blanket. If you want, you can also include a mobile or a nightlight to decorate your baby’s room that will help him or her get off to sleep.

It is also crucial to keep a baby monitor in your child’s room to ensure that you will hear the baby’s cry. Monitors can range from basic to hi-tech, but what ultimately matters is that you can check in on your baby at any time.

Items for playing and learning

Aside from the necessities, you will also want to make some purchases to play and engage with your baby. Baby gyms and walkers are the most common household items for play, and give your baby something fun to do while you are busy. In addition, these items will keep your baby active and mentally stimulated. Items that you can enjoy with your baby, such as balls and blocks, will help you to improve your bond with your child.

Some toys are made specially to help your baby learn as well as play. An infant’s mind is constantly gathering and absorbing information, and you can find all kinds of interactive toys that will nurture this development. As technology becomes more advanced, you can find more and more varieties of educational toys to encourage your baby’s development.

Creating your new baby checklist

To make sure you get everything you need, the best strategy is to create a baby checklist. Your shopping list will depend on your budget, your living environment, and your needs as a parent, and with the information provided above you will be well on your way to creating a thorough shopping list. By making the right purchases you can ensure you will have a cozy home and a happy newborn baby.