Four Ways to Stay Upbeat When Your Health Lets You Down


When we are healthy, we pay far too little attention to how great we have it. When our health lets us down, however, it ends up being all that we can think about. Dwelling too much on what you have lost with your illness or disability is never helpful, although it is understandable. By constantly thinking about your health, it could worsen your mental health, leading to more severe symptoms. Your life isn’t over just because you need extra help. There are so many possibilities in the world and you can find new things to do and stay entertained for certain. To help you start, here are the top five ways you can stay upbeat once your health lets you down:

Take Control of Your Health

Nothing is more frustrating than having decisions about your body and your life to be made without your consultation. This can be true whether a guardian makes it or a healthcare provider. You need to make decisions based on what is best for you, which means knowing your options and deliberating seriously. Some options, of course, are no-brainers, like the having a loved one train to be your caretaker as this FreedomCare guide explains. Not only would your loved one be certified to take care of you, they will also be paid through the CDPAP.

Take On a New Project

There are so many projects you can do with limited mobility. Laptops, of course, are very popular options that offer you hours upon hours of entertainment. If you don’t use your laptop with a purpose, however, this can easily turn into mindless scrolling that does nothing to improve your mood. By having a goal and by making steps towards completing that goal, however, you can feel fulfilled. Start a website, write a book, research, learn, and so on. You could even start a business where you freelance your skills online, allowing you to keep your independence.

New Tech to Broaden Your Horizons

Technology has revolutionized our lives in so many ways. For those who have limited movement or otherwise cannot travel extensively, virtual reality has come as a godsend. No longer are you limited to see the world through photographs; you can experience it through a 360° video, complete with sounds. As the technology develops, so too will the options available.


Crafting and art are very therapeutic. We are very tactile creatures by nature and working with our hands is a great way to improve your mood. The crafts you can do, of course, will depend on what you can do comfortably. Painting can be great for those with even minimal movement. Abstract art, in particular, is great to partake in because it doesn’t require finesse and is beautiful in its chaos.

It can be hard to let go, but you will need to in order to move on and live a happier life. Mourning your previous life and your better health is a natural part of the process, yes, but focusing entirely on what you no longer can do won’t help you. Positive thinking is very powerful, because it will help you live with a positive outlook. You are only limited by your attitude, and with these activities, you can find new ways to see the world, find meaning, and express yourself.