Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Having a Baby

Having a baby can the most exciting and terrifying journey you ever experience. Click here to learn everything you need to know before you give birth.

You just had your gender reveal party, everything seems great! Your parents are loving the attention that they are able to give you, and all of the gifts you were given are overflowing the table…

…and then it hits you.

You are actually going to be a mom. Like, soon.

You frantically start panicking, “Am I ready? Do I have everything I need? Did I listen to my parent’s advice? Was this a huge mistake?”

No. It wasn’t a mistake. Having a baby is an amazing thing. Only you can know for yourself if you are truly ready to be a mom.

But don’t worry. There are lots of very helpful tips out there that can help ease the preparation process! We have selected our favorites just for you.

Here are 10 things you need to do before having a baby.

1. Get Yourself Healthy

Is your body safe enough for your baby to reside in? Just because you are already pregnant does not mean it is too late to increase your health and fitness.

Robert Greene, Ph.D., and director of the Birth Defects Center at the University of Louisville shared, “By the time you miss one period, 80 percent of organ development has happened…anything likely to have a defect has formed.”

When you are having a baby, it is best to increase your healthy food intake and get your body moving. Your doctor will know best what exercises will allow for optimal activity, but if you can take a quick walk around the park that can do wonders for your health.

This does not mean you cannot give in to some of your cravings. Eating a brownie is not going to hurt your body. Just be sure it isn’t a brownie for every meal.

Remember, when you are pregnant taking care of yourself is taking care of your child.

2. Decide If You Will Formula Feed or Breast-Feeding?

In the hospital after you have welcomed your beautiful new family member, a decision will need to be made. How are you going to feed him/her? Do your research beforehand and decide what is best for you.

With the switch to more organic substances, Formuland holle formula provides the organic option if the mother chooses to formula feed her baby. Formula is a great alternative for mothers who choose not to breastfeed.

We are not here to discuss the benefits of both options and debate which one is best. It is only suggested that you discuss this with your partner before you are having your baby so you are not persuaded in the hospital to do something that you are not comfortable with.

3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Exhaustion is one of the leading causes of preterm babies. Eliminating sleep is NOT recommended for a healthy pregnancy. Sleeping less gives your body and brain mixed singles confusing the signs of labor to the signs of restlessness.

Sleep now before it is too late! You will not get a straight 8 hours once your baby is here — so get every bit of sleep you can now.

Having a hard time sleeping while being pregnant? Read this article about the benefits of sleeping.

4. Pamper Yourself

Sleeping is a necessary step towards a healthy baby, but so is pampering yourself.

If you are ready to show off that super cute belly of yours and prove that you are having a baby, shop maternity!

There are so many trendy clothes out there that truly flatter pregnant women even when they do not feel as pretty as they would like. There are brands that specialize in maternity clothing for moms who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Some soon to be moms want to wait until they cannot fit into ANYTHING anymore. That is just fine. Maybe you can pamper yourself in other ways like getting a manicure, going out to eat with friends, or signing up for a baby registry!

Baby registries are not for everybody, but they are great ways to let your friends and family know what you may want or need.

All of the cute onesies you have seen on Pinterest and the beautifully crafted crib you have been dying to put in your nursery can be added to this registry. Shopping before you are too weak and tired will make this registry process much more fun. Don’t wait too long!

5. What is Your Birth Plan?

Whether you are going to have your spouse, partner, brother, sister, or mother by your side during the birth, you need to decide that soon.

Outline who you would like to share the special moment with and what you want to remember looking back. Not every hospital will have rooms big enough for your entire family, so be sure to call the hospital before making all of your decisions.

This isn’t only about who you want there with you. Planning your birth plan also involves what position you want to be in when you deliver and what pain medications you want to be on. Have you thought about these things?

Having a baby takes preparation. If you haven’t thought about these options, click here to learn what the best plan for you may be.

6. Tour The Hospital

Do you know where you are delivering your precious baby? It is important for the space to feel familiar enough that you are comfortable when the baby comes and are raced down the halls.

Many hospitals hold monthly tours where they take soon to be moms to the area where they will be staying while in the hospital. All of the details of the stay and the rules of visiting hours will be told during the tour as well.

Not every mom tours the hospital before they give birth, but those who do will likely feel more comfortable with the process because they feel more prepared.

7. Think About Childcare

The earlier you plan for the afterbirth the better. Do you have paid maternity leave with work? Are you going to stay home after having a baby or find a nanny?

The decision to have a childcare, nanny, or other home care option is not an easy one and it takes time. Every location has a different sense of when the right time to look is. But in all honesty, the earlier the better.

If you are still secretly hoping for your parents or maybe a sibling to swoop in and help take care of the child during the day, start those discussions before you secure a daycare.

8. Get Organized

With the added monthly costs having a baby brings, planning your budget ahead of time will help you ease into motherhood with much less stress.

Cleaning the nursery, the attic, and everything you want out of the way when you have a baby should be taken care of as soon as possible (or you will regret it later).

Do you have recipes for homemade baby food you wanted to type up and make into a recipe book? Do that now! Time will fly by once the baby comes and you will not even remember that you wanted to do that.

9. Having a Baby is a Blessing

Infertility is a hard thing. Thousands of families go through infertility problems and would give anything and everything to have a baby. If you are reading this article you are probably lucky enough to be pregnant with a beautiful baby.

Remember that your baby is a blessing that not everyone gets. Whether you had a hard time getting pregnant or not, cherish the opportunity you have been given to have a baby this year. Your baby senses the love you have for them immediately.

Don’t forget that.

10. Plan for Pictures

Photographers can cost a fortune! Don’t let the cost of a photography keep you from having pictures taken of your baby during the birth.

You may not want them in the hospital room with you while you are having a baby, but many infant pictures are done within a few days of the birth. Treasure the moments when your baby is small by having pictures being taken of him/her. This doesn’t have to be by a professional photographer, you can have a photography student or even a friend take a few.

Many parents have shared that they cannot believe how quickly their child grows. Within a few short weeks your infant is not an infant anymore.

He or she is fitting into 3-month-old clothes and looks very different than when they were born. Photos will help you look back years later and see how quickly your child has grown.

Done Planning?

Have you already hit all of these things? Great! You are ready for this great next step in your life. What an exciting adventure you are about to have. Be sure to write down all of your thoughts the day your baby was born so that you can look back and remember that special day. It will be a day you will never forget.

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