8 Benefits of Leading a Sober Lifestyle

The benefits of leading a sober lifestyle are quite impressive. Learn more here about how getting sober and staying sober can increase your quality of life!

Do you find yourself troubled by alcohol dependency? You’re not alone.

Over 15 million adults in the United States suffer from an alcohol dependency that has a negative impact on their lives.

But sobering up is a long and difficult process. Are you wondering whether it’s worth it?

The answer is an unequivocal yes! And we’re going to explain why with these 8 noticeable benefits to leading a sober lifestyle.

You Lose Weight

Most alcoholic drinks contain calories so if you’re a heavy drinker, you’re likely putting on more weight that you need to.

If you want to count the calories in your alcohol, take a look at this alcohol calorie counter. The average beer, wine and spirit serving has over 100 calories, so if you’re having several every day, going sober can cut this source of calories out of your diet completely.

If you’re already eating well, your weight loss could be significant in just a short space of time. If you’re not, adopt a keto diet to help your body quickly lose weight.

Better Cardiovascular Health

It’s been scientifically proven that increased alcohol intake leads to a bigger risk of heart disease. By going sober, you’re reducing the risk of heart disease or heart failure.

If you’re regularly short of breath, feeling weak, and your pulse rate is fast or peculiar, you could be suffering from alcoholic cardiomyopathy, the medical term for heart disease caused by alcohol abuse.

Of course, the best thing to do is seek professional medical advice, but give your health a fight chance by going sober.

More Money to Spend

Carrying an alcohol addiction with you could be having a big dent in your finances. If you go sober, you could find yourself with much more money to spend.

By freeing up the daily or weekly cost of alcohol or drugs on your budget, you could save this money for much more enjoyable things like a holiday, or a new car.

Whatever you want to do with your money, sobriety is a great opportunity to reset your financial health. Build on this by taking a look at some of our money-related articles.

There Are Fewer Chemicals Causing Damage

Alcohol or drug abuse doesn’t just damage the heart. The toxins and chemicals in both have to be absorbed and filtered out by your liver. Over time, this can cause serious damage and eventually, could stop your liver from working properly.

The good news is that if this is spotted early, the liver can recover from any damage. Going sober is the first step on this journey. With fewer harmful chemicals in your body, your liver – and the rest of your body – can begin to recover.

Harmful substance abuse can be difficult to overcome if you’re addicted. If you find yourself struggling to overcome an addiction, consider enrolling in a drug detox program to help you get back on track.

Your Sight Will Improve

The harmful chemicals in alcohol can cause damage to your heart, liver… but what about your eyes?

Alcohol can have a serious effect on your eyesight, with double vision, weakened muscles, dry eyes and light sensitivity common. By going sober, you’d be helping to reduce and eventually eliminate these symptoms, allowing you to see better.

And given how important our eyesight is in our daily lives, switching to a sober lifestyle is a good way to help protect it.

Clearer Mind and Better Decisions

Alcohol and decision making shouldn’t mix. Heavy alcohol or substance abuse can leave you making decisions that are destructive. The worst part is that this doesn’t just impact yourself – it can impact those around you.

Alcohol and drugs both help to lower your inhibitions. If you find yourself making poor decisions when you abuse alcohol or drugs, a sober lifestyle can help. You’ll make better decisions, and you’ll remember them the next day, too.

With a clearer mindset, you can begin to make other small improvements. Take advantage of these secrets to develop a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.

More Energy to Enjoy Life

As we’ve already mentioned, alcohol and substance abuse can have a big impact on your body – and you’ll feel it. Alcohol, especially, can make you feel tired and lower your overall energy levels.

If you’re regularly abusing alcohol or drugs, you’re probably not getting the sleep you need to get through each day. Alcohol can leave you fatigued and suffering from the ill effects of the damaging chemicals you’ve ingested.

By enjoying a more sober lifestyle, you could find yourself with better sleep, giving you more energy to enjoy your life.

More Time to Focus on Your Loved Ones

We’ve already mentioned how alcohol and drug abuse doesn’t just impact on yourself. Your friends and family care about you, but if you’re more interested in causing self-harm through alcohol abuse than maintaining your relationships, you’re having just as big an impact on them as the alcohol is having on your body.

If you’re suffering the effects of alcohol or drug abuse, you can end up neglecting your relationships with others. The addiction can be too great, making you want to spend more time drinking or taking drugs rather than spending time with your family or friends.

Don’t let this happen. Adopting a sober lifestyle can help you rebuild your relationships with others.

Begin Your Sober Lifestyle Today

By freeing yourself from a dependency of harmful substances, you can begin to feel and see the benefits.

You’re going to look healthier, feel better, and you’ll be making clearer decisions. You’ll also be able to dedicate more time to self-improvement and focusing on your friends and loved ones.

The path to sobriety is only one step towards a healthier lifestyle, however. If you’re thinking about other changes you can make, why not take a look at our other health and wellness articles?