Engineering specialties broken down

If you’re interested in studying to become an engineer and are interested in all of the specialties which you may want to consider focusing on, Yigang Tang has tips to discover a few of the most popular types of engineering, which you may be interested in pursuing.

Engineering specialities broken down:

1. Aerospace engineering

If you grew up dreaming of having the opportunity to work for NASA, you can get one step closer to turning your childhood dream into a reality by training to become a highly qualified aerospace engineer. Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing and developing aircraft and spacecraft and often have the opportunity to seek employment with technologically advanced companies such as NASA as well as a wide variety of international airlines.

2. Automotive engineering

If you have a passion for cars, you may want to pursue a lifelong career as an automotive engineer. As you’ll have the incredible job of designing new car models and new car parts. Just imagine how you’ll feel after a car rolls out of a factory, which you helped design. If you’re looking for a career path which will give you an opportunity to see the fruits of your labor, it’s well worth considering becoming an automotive engineer.

3. Computer engineering

Computer engineers are responsible for developing and fine-tuning the computer programs which hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses use on an everyday basis. If you have an interest in computers, you may find that becoming a computer engineer may be the right option for your engineering career.

4. Software Engineering

Another role in the tech industry, software engineering is in charge of the application of engineering principles in creating software applications for computers and mobile. If you have a skill and interest in software development and a good team player, this career may be the perfect fit for you. Aside from the flexible schedule that most tech companies implement, a software engineering job in San Francisco and other parts of the US can reach up to a six-figure salary every year.

5. Civil engineering

Civil engineers are by far the most common type of engineers and are responsible for designing large-scale buildings as well as complicated feats of engineering such as suspension bridges and dams. The latter of which are used to store towns and cities water supplies and need to be able to hold thousands of tons of water. If you’ve dreamed of designing skyscrapers and bridges, it’s definitely well worth considering studying to become a civil engineer.

6. Electrical engineering

If you’re looking to specialize in an area of engineering which boasts a seemingly endless amount of jobs, it’s well worth investigating the possibility of becoming a qualified electrical engineer. Electrical engineers are employed to design, develop, and test electrical equipment and are often hired to set up the wiring in buildings, aircraft, and automobiles, requiring specialized qualifications like a restricted electrical licence in QLD to ensure safety and compliance. Which means that there is always a high demand for electrical engineers.

7. Marine engineering

Marine engineers design ships of all sizes. As an example, marine engineers are responsible for designing the largest cruise ships in the world and are also responsible for making sure that each cruise ship has been designed to maximize passengers and employees’ safety. Thanks to the developments of marine engineers sinking cruise ships have almost become obsolete.

So if you’re seriously considering pursuing a career in engineering and are looking for the perfect area of engineering to specialize in, it’s definitely worth researching all of the six areas of engineering which are listed above. In order to find a field which is the right for you.