7 Compelling Reasons to Start a Keto Diet

Are you looking to lose weight or improve your overall health? There are many great reasons to start a keto diet. Click to learn how it can benefit you.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of rapidly increasing obesity and health problems.

People everywhere are searching for new diets to try, some proving little success. However, other diets are standing the test of time and research, one of these being the keto diet.

While it may seem a tad too much at first, once understood and committed to, this diet proves to be one of the most beneficial weight-loss methods. All you have to do is a little research and lifestyle improvements.

Below are 7 reasons to start a keto diet, and it is more than just being able to throw on your favorite pair of jeans comfortably once again. Make sure you check out the reasons below and start your journey to a healthier tomorrow.

1. Lose Fat

Quite obviously, one of the main reasons people start a diet is to lose fat. The main goal of a keto diet is for the body to enter ketosis. In ketosis, your body runs out of glycogen to burn so it turns to fat.

This is all started by low-carb meals with plenty of protein and healthy fats, such as avocados. C’mon, everyone loves a piece of avocado toast.

Make sure while you’re cutting carbs, you’re keeping lots of variety and fresh colors in your diet. You don’t want to burn out easily. Mix it up with veggies, fish, chicken, and other delicious options.

Bonus: Lower carbohydrates greatly impacts the weight loss around the abdominal cavity. Can you say hello to a new pair of jeans?

2. More Energy

Instead of turning to sugar-filled coffee or soda, up your diet game! A keto diet can greatly improve energy levels.

To make it simple, more ketones lead to more brain power. More brain power leads to more brain cells. More brain cells lead to more mitochondria.

What did they tell us? The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. So all of this equals out to more power.

With more power in your body, there’s more energy in your body and greater mental awareness. All this energy can be spent towards more exercise. Math has never been so healthy.

3. Decreased Appetite

Stop. Put down the cupcake. Turn to the keto diet.

When eating more protein and fats, you’ll be snacking way less. Snacks are tough to put down, but once your carb count decreases, so will your appetite.

If the body is focused on replacing the fast-burning sugars you’re feeding it, you’re going to have to feed it more often. This leads to way more calories than you need.

High protein foods tend to be low in calorie and full of nutrients. If you’re feeling a little lost on where to start, Doctors Best Weight Loss can help with all your food and meal needs. There are tons of options such as low-carb or high-protein meals.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension can have extremely damaging effects on your body including increased risk for heart attack, damaged arteries, and higher risk for stroke. Luckily, with a keto diet comes lower carbs and in turn, lower blood pressure.

As you can see, an unhealthy diet may be causing issues you don’t even feel or notice yet. High carb counts may not be worth the damage coming a few months down the road.

Remember, reducing stress is also important when controlling blood pressure. Diet is important, but don’t forget to get plenty of sleep and participate in calming activities such as yoga.

5. Therapy for Several Brain Disorders

Keto diets are heavily studied with people diagnosed with epilepsy, especially those who don’t respond well to medication.

A 4:1 or 3:1 ratio of fat to carb and protein gram is suggested for those experiencing epilepsy.

It has been shown that over half of the children with epilepsy who start a keto diet experience 50% fewer seizures. Thankfully, some children may even become totally seizure-free.

Who knew a conscious switch to fewer carbohydrates could improve a child’s life so drastically?

6. Lower Chance of Type 2 Diabetes

When tons of carbs are eaten, plenty of simple sugars are produced. These sugars enter our bloodstream, causing blood sugar levels to skyrocket. This then causes the body to release insulin.

If someone is generally healthy, the insulin helps alleviate the spike in blood sugar levels.

However, most people have some sort of insulin resistance causing more difficulty for cells to bring in the blood sugar.

When the body doesn’t secrete enough insulin for this dangerous spike, it can cause type 2 diabetes. This, unfortunately, affects millions of people worldwide.

One of the simple solutions to help with this problem is cutting carbs. When you cut the carbs, you cut the need for so much insulin.

This is where the keto diet graciously steps in to save the day. The low-carb aspect of the diet will greatly decrease your chance of type 2 diabetes.

7. Overall Healthier, Happier Life

Between lower risks for later consequences and all the weight you’re going to lose, keto promotes a happier life for anyone who makes the commitment.

You’ll be able to have a more positive experience when shopping for your new favorite dress because you won’t be hiding your size at checkout. And when you do decide to indulge every now and then with a slice of cake, you won’t feel guilty.

All your hard work will deserve a treat. After your piece of cake, use your new bursts of energy to take a hike with your spouse or a swim with the kids. This diet will allow your body to do things you never thought you could do.

Keto Diet is the Best Diet

With endless meal combinations and energy, you’ll be thanking yourself for making the switch. It’ll be no time before your friends and family are commenting on how radiant and slim you’re looking these days.

To assist with your new diet, make sure you check out all of our articles that cover healthy exercise habits, balanced lifestyles, and other health and wellness tips. Because remember, while diet is important, health also pertains to your mental and emotional well-being.