4 Ways to Make Your Small Backyard More Kid-Friendly

For parents around the world, one of the most important assets in any home is a spacious backyard. Giving your children an adequate outdoor space in which they are able to play and express their creativity can be important for both children and parents – so dealing with a yard than is smaller than desired can be tough. 

Are you looking for a few simple ways to make your small backyard more kid-friendly so that your children can have a better space to play and explore once the warmer months approach? Keep reading to learn 4 simple ways that you can transform your small yard into a kid-friendly play space. 

Invest in an All Inclusive Play Structure 

While some homeowners might consider many play structures to be a good option for their yards due to their large size, the truth is that buying a large play structure that includes swings, a climbing wall, smaller features like a sand and water table, and more is a great way to offer children numerous opportunities to play in a condensed space.

Make Use of Trees

If your yard is too small to install a larger playground structure, make use of the limited space you have by taking advantage of your trees. Whether you build a tree house fairly high up or just attach a rope or tire swing to some branches, this is a great way to add an option for play that your children will love to your yard without taking up much space or requiring the installation of any major play structures. 

Invest in a Toy Box 

Give your children the option to keep an endless supply of their favorite outdoor toys at the ready while keeping clutter to a minimum by investing in a large outdoor toy box. This can also help to keep your child’s clutter out of your neighbor’s yards without the installation of fencing services.

Add A Chalk Wall 

A great way to give your child space to explore their creativity is by adding a chalk wall. Chalkboard paint is available for purchase at most hardware stores and can be used on any indoor or outdoor structures. Painting one of the exterior walls of your home with chalkboard paint will give your children a life-sized chalkboard on which they can draw while staying outside and keeping their mess to a minimum. Just be sure to install a patio cover or umbrella in order to keep your child’s art intact.