SextPanther: How It Works and Differs From Other Sites

Are you stuck at home without a way to reach out to meet new people? It’s no wonder a site like SextPanther took off during the pandemic. The website connects fans with adult content creators, providing ample access to adult content while also ensuring privacy for both parties.

What Is SextPanther?

There’s no doubt that people are connecting with others through texting. And the trend of sexting has long been something that people do to connect in new and interesting ways. SextPanther provides people with a way to monetize the experience. In short, SextPanther creates a new type of adult entertainment, a way to use one of the most important means of communication today – texting – to create and share content in a social media-style manner.

The company has numerous stopgaps in place to minimize risk and ensure privacy for all who use the site. For example, SextPanther provides proxy phone numbers to users to connect with creators through the platform, meaning that they do not have to share their real phone numbers or other contact information with others. Rather, the messages are always sent from a verified adult content creator or entertainer. In some situations, it allows users to make the decision to take it to the next level. In that case, they can agree to a phone call or video call.

How Does SextPanther Turn Adult Texting Into a Profitable Business Model?

The company created a generous business model that allows content creators to use the site to generate funds from it through onsite conversations. When the entertainers engage with clients, they receive compensation for each message that is sent by the user. They also receive compensation for PPV media accessed by their clients. In short, content creators can create multiple streams of revenue using the site. They get paid twice a month once they hit the required payout amount of $50.

At the same time, SextPanther provides ample protection for those using the site. For example, all contact information and legal names are hidden, minimizing the risk of anyone knowing someone on the site. In addition, all payment information is handled by the site, not by the content creators.

Those who create content on the site do not have to provide any upfront payment or membership fees. In addition, the service is free for them to use, outside of the fees for messages that users spend on messages and premium content.

Why Use SextPanther?

No matter what side of the coin you are on, SextPanther offers an opportunity to connect with people. For those who enjoy adult content creation, it is now possible to use those skills to have fun online and potentially earn a profit by doing so. Sexting is not a new trend, and it is often thought of as a fun way to interact with people in a safe manner; there are fewer risks when engaging in connections through this type of activity rather than in-person interactions.

The system is easy to use. Users add funds to their accounts, which enables them to send messages and unlock content. Accounts are free to create for both users and content creators, but content creators must apply first and get approved by SextPanther before using the site. SextPanther verifies all of it’s content creators prior to them being listed on the site. Once in place, parties can interact with each other on the platform. Users can use the simple navigation tools on the site to locate an entertainer that is interesting to them. When they do, they can add that person as a contact. Once that is done, it is then possible to send text messages via SMS or directly from the site to their new contact. That’s all it takes to get started.

The user pays a fee every time they send a message or call a content creator. It is a simple and straightforward way of building an income over time.

In the Age of a Pandemic

There’s little doubt that the pandemic has played a role in SextPanther’s success. Once everyone was in lockdown and unable to interact with others, it took no time at all for them to begin finding a way to interact with and meet new people. SextPanther took things to the next level, creating an adult content site that allows users to connect and view adult content in a mutually agreeable manner that also helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Pandemic conditions spurred the onset and continued success of SextPanther, but the company will flourish even as the world goes back to a new normal. Sexting is a safe way to interact, and that encourages people to reach out and connect without risks. It may be why the site continues to attract many people, even celebrities.

SextPanther has millions of users and over 100,000 weekly visitors to its platform, making it a popular place to be. Based in the United States, users from all around the world can connect with content creators on the site using their smartphones, tablets, computers, or laptops from anywhere with an internet connection.

The site does require verification of information from content creators. All content creators are screened to ensure that there are no catfish or bot schemes. That’s done before they are listed on the site, making it a bit safer for users.

There is no cost to register on the site and learn more. However, for users to start engaging with content creators, they will need to purchase credits to interact or unlock premium content. Prices vary from creator to creator and may differ based on things like the type of content that is being accessed.

Key Benefits Lead to Opportunities

People need social interaction, and sexting seems to be a safer manner of connecting during the pandemic. With a low barrier to entry for users and a simple way to earn money as a content creator, many people find that SextPanther is the ideal opportunity right now. It may prove to be the type of experience that becomes a household name in the years to come.