What To Expect In A 350 401 Encor Exam Course?

Are you planning to attain a CCNP certification? Then, you must know that this certification exam involves two exams, namely, Core and Concentration exams. 

The one core exam we will be talking about in this blog is the 350 401 one. From this blog about this course and exam, you can prepare yourself better. 

What will you be learning in this course?

While going for the 350 401 Encor CCNP certification course, there are certain concepts to grasp.

This includes handling troubleshooting, enabling configurations, and managing the entire network. This network can be an enterprise or a small one like LAN or MAN.

Then, there are security principles to learn and give exams on. You will also come through automation of the network and writing a better program for the same. 

Eventually, in this course, you will educate yourself about wireless connections and networks. As you grow up in the technical field in any business or firm, this knowledge will be required from your end. So, always pay attention to the upgraded and current knowledge this course teaches you about the technical and software-backed field.

Further, we notice that students attempting this exam also learn to design a network and overlay it using SD-Access or SD-WAN solutions. 

Major topics with a brief explanation for a better understanding:

Architecture of the network:

You should get familiar with the setting up of an architecture of a security network online. From this topic, you will gain a better holding on factors like:

  • Security network principles.
  • Differentiating between on-site and over-the-cloud network settings.
  • Workings of the SD-WAN solutions.
  • Understanding the principles of SD-Access in-depth.
  • Knowing how different hardware and software work. 
  • Quality assessment and setting up of other wired and wireless networks.


The importance of virtual machines and technologies is growing each day rapidly. With virtual technologies, it’s easier to experiment and test better programs without losing the previous data on the existing server. 

Therefore, as a system operator/manager/administrator, such tasks will be essential for you to handle. 

You will learn things like:

  • Describing different virtual technologies and using them for a smoother and robust network.
  • Verifying data paths in the chosen virtual technology at your office or company. 
  • Identifying and describing various virtual network concepts.


Through the 350-401 course of this CCNP certification, you study the practicality and usability of the Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks. You learn how to set them up for the better requirements of the data process and churning at your company. 

You will get detailed information on developing wireless networks at different wavelengths. This will also be inclusive of the prime knowledge on IP services. You must know the different types of IP addresses and modify them as per the company’s requirements. 

Your knowledge gets tested on setting up, changing, locking, protecting, and monitoring the security of the IP address. This could be at any given location when you start the network security job. 

So, the exam prepares you to handle any troubleshooting with the basic infrastructure of the network in demand. 


As the company you work for expands, the entire network will start to face complications. That’s because of:

  • An increase in online traffic.
  • Requirements from the front end or from the customer’s end.
  • Hackers trying to get into the centralized vault of your data centers.
  • Amplified orders from any end in the supply chain. 
  • Continuous data flow in the firm’s data centers from every department. 

In the midst of all that, you need to automate security, protection, firewall, and network management. 

To do so, you will learn concepts like:

  • Python programming from beginners to advanced level for security and networking purposes.
  • Knowing how to construct a better and credible JSON encoded file.
  • Identifying different data modeling languages and working with its principles. 
  • Construction of systems like EEM to automate the troubleshooting, configuration, and data collection process throughout the established network. 
  • Recognizing and generating APIs for CISCO data centers. 


Network security is another relevant topic to learn in this course. It teaches you aspects like:

  • Defining and verifying the device control.
  • Configuring the network security features for better control and assessment. 
  • Configuring wireless network security options as and when required.
  • The complete guide on designing the security framework of a given software network.