When practicality beats embarrassment: The Fanny pack

Due to the huge growth in travel and tourism throughout the world, there is an endless supply of items available for any trip you might be planning. Some items are common and suited to the needs of the individual, for example: suitcases for those on a short trip and backpacks for those who are seeking more adventure and let’s face it, less comfort.

However, there is one item which causes a fashion/necessity nightmare for many people, that is the fabled fanny pack. Its longevity, however, proves it is durable and most definitely a valuable accessory.

The oldest travel accessory

In 1991 the frozen body of one of our ancestors was found in the Alps and in his possession was one of the earliest editions of the fanny pack. In it he carried the necessities he needed to travel and hunt. The Egyptians wrote about people carrying small pouches around their wastes, even in modern times the practical uses of the fanny pack made it a very popular item to have.

In the mid 1970’s this little item hit the mainstream when it was used and seen by celebrities as one of the fashions fads of the period. It was just after this though that it began to be viewed negatively and as a big fashion no-no. This happens to millions of fads each year, but what most of them don’t have is the usefulness that this little item does.


For a clothing accessory, the fanny pack is a very odd item to be stigmatised. Many people associate it with the awkward parent shuffling through it in a crowd or the fact it can’t be paired with an item of clothing. But like many things it has adapted and developed for a newer generation.

Packs now come with many different styles and features that are useful in any situation. Some are customised specifically for events, i.e. festivals, sporting activities, city centre walks ect. Now that it can be adapted it has once again emerged as a popular fashion item.


For people who travel, the stigma of a fanny pack has never been that huge. Though its re-emergence has had its benefits, different styles of packs suit different travellers and having the option to choose is always a good thing. Now, you can get your standard pack for every-day use or you can get one designed specifically for the activities you are involved with. Fanny packs are now made from stronger material, designed for specific conditions and have extra benefits

Not many items have been in use for thousands of years, a small pack in which you can carry your valuable essentials is one of them. Fanny packs provide peace mind when travelling and are at times more safe and useful than your usual small handbag or day bag. Now that they can be adapted to any situation or travellers need means they will remain an essential part of your travel pack.