What Weddings Can Teach You About Fashion

Believe it or not, weddings and fashion are practically second cousins. When you break it down, both involve an extensive process, knowing how to make the right purchases, and even a foundational knowledge of the basics.

Yes, although you may not see the parallels quite yet, the two are actually much closer related than you might imagine, with weddings being a great teacher for your fashion game. Here’s why: 

Doing Your Research

If you were to ask anyone that’s recently gotten married, they’ll most likely tell you that from picking the right dress to the types of appetizers was all extensively researched. After all, this is something that you only get one shot at, so it’s imperative you get it right. However, while it’s always been true that people have put some extra effort into perfecting their wedding, the process in which they discover their ideal pieces has changed significantly.

With the implementation of social media into our day-to-day, platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become hubs for the latest and greatest in trends. People are engaging on these platforms in unprecedented ways, becoming a treasure trove for you to begin your research on fashion. In fact, with how expansive specifically Instagram’s reach has grown, the most difficult part will be narrowing things down.

Just as general terms like #wedding having over 97.2 million posts and #fashion clocking in around 431 million posts, in order to find what you really want, you’re going to have to be specific in the style you’re seeking. For example, let’s just say I want a bomber jacket, to which the hashtag #bomberjacket only has 1.2 million posts, which is much easier to begin your search on. From there, you can start to hone in on different styles or brands, curating your list into a top few choices. All-in-all, social media can be the perfect place to start your search on fashion, with the next step being figuring out how to buy it. 

How To Buy

After you’ve established your shortlist of what to buy, it’s time to start looking at how to buy it. While you might be thinking the simpler solution would be to just go to the store, that’s not always going to be how you get the best deal. And as LoveProm notes about weddings moving online, the same is true for fashion.

The internet is perhaps the best place to scour for clothing deals. From flash sales to subscription list discount codes, companies are practically giving out savings on almost every item. Furthermore, plenty of companies are willing to give you internet only deals, especially if you act quickly. Finally, as we’ve started to enter the era of convenience, as much as people package wedding deals, you can also find custom box packages for fashion items, offering a one-stop shop.

Covering Your Bases

As any successful wedding is going to have all of its ducks in a row beforehand, the same should go for your closet. This means covering your staple items, which are the basic foundational elements of being able to have an outfit for any occasion. For example, owning a black dress for women or pointed toe shoes for men. And while it goes without saying that these are crucial pieces to have, knowing where to start can be hard. However, that’s why weddings are the perfect guide.

While there are no set-in-stone rules as to what to wear for a wedding, most of us know the basic necessities. We know that we’re supposed to dress somewhat formally (depending on the venue), as well as have a few outfits for the reception dinner, ceremony, and even any leisurely activities that might arise. And with these cursors, we can begin to depict our outfits.

For men, you’re probably going want something versatile in footwear, especially to pack light. For example, a pair of boots from a company like Taft can bode well both in what you wear to the ceremony, as well as with a casual pair of jeans.

As for women, having a dress that looks amazing, but doesn’t overpower the wedding party is a must. Given this criteria, I highly recommend checking out Azazie, who offer custom dresses for weddings that are simple and elegant but have an excellent sense of design.

On a final note, the most important aspect of getting your fashion on point boils down to comfort. Remember, you’re doing this for you and no one else, so whatever makes you feel confident, then go for it. As the old saying goes “look good, feel good” and what could be more accurate about that than in fashion?