The Importance of Wig Tape

When it comes to choosing the right wig accessories, wig tape is one of the most important tools you can have in your armoury. It’s versatile, easy to use, and the best thing you can buy to help hold your wig securely in place. If you haven’t tried using wig tape yet then you really should! Here’s everything you need to know about how and why you should be using this vital wig accessory, and why it’s so important:

What is Wig Tape?

Ever noticed those shiny strips of silicone or fine plastic inside your wig and wondereed what they’re for? These are designed to help hold your wig securely to your scalp, and it is here that you should apply wig tape! Wig tape is effectively a medical grade double sided sticky tape. It holds your wig onto your head when you need it to, but is easy and pain-free to remove when you’re ready to take it off. Wig tape can be applied to your scalp and to your wig in a variety of different ways, depending on the activities that you will be undertaking.

Hold Your Wig in Place

One of the tell-tale signs that you’re wearing a wig is if your wig doesn’t sit flush against your skin at the side of your head: this is a common place where some wigs may gap, or be moved during strong winds and other adverse weather conditions. Wig tape is the perfect solution to this gaping: apply tape to each side of your head and your wig will never budge again. This is also a great way to make small changes to the fit of your wig: if it feels slightly too loose, for example (but not so loose that a smaller size would be a better fit) then wig tape is the ideal solution.

If your wig doesn’t have silicone strips included to place wig tape where you need it then it is possible to buy silicone sheets and then cut and sew these into your wig wherever you like: this is the ideal solution if you have a specific spot that simply won’t lay flat, but you don’t want to buy a new wig.

Enjoy Water Sports

Wish you could swim, dive, and enjoy other extreme water sports without having to remove your wig? If you’re conscious of being seen without your wig on, and this has stopped you from doing things in the past, then wig tape could be the solution. Apply your tape liberally around your head: a full circumference strip of tape around the whole of your wig will hold it in place no better what you do whilst you’re wearing it. There are many different applications for this: swimming, camping out and sleeping around people you don’t know well enough to see you without your wig (although it isn’t recommended you do this too often, as sleeping in your wig will damage it).

You can apply wig tape to both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, so no matter what kind of wig you prefer you can still use this trick to ensure that your wig keeps up with your lifestyle, no matter how busy it is!

A Handbag Essential

Finally, as well as for helping to secure your wig in place, wig tape is a handbag essential thanks to the many other functions that it can serve. Hemline of your favourite dress or trousers starting to sag at the most inopportune of moments? Wig tape will hold it back in place all day! Need a little extra support to hold a low-cut dress in place without showing too much of your underwear? Wig tape is the perfect solution to that problem too. When you think outside the box you’ll be amazed at the functions it can fulfill: wrapping last minute Christmas presents, stopping a blouse from gaping. Wig tape is also handy for quickly securing your wig back in place if you choose to take it off when you’re out and about (ideal if you have an itch that you just need to scratch and it can’t wait until you get home!)

Wig tape is inexpensive, easy to use, and an essential for any wig wearer. No matter what problem you’re experiencing, wig tape can help to save the day!