Shirt Sayings – Quotes and Inspirational Inscriptions

Shirts are upper-body garments that are worn from the neck to just below the waist. Although there are a variety of shirts, the most common design type that is generally referred to in this way are dress shirts. These are usually made with cotton and come with collars and are typically long sleeves and button downs. You will also find them in short sleeves.

Other types of shirts typically have appendages. These include t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded shirts or hoodies, etc. A tee-shirt or t-shirt is so named because of its body shape coupled with the sleeves resembling the letter ‘T”. It is a fabric style that traditionally has short sleeves and a round neck otherwise called a crew neck. You may learn more about shirts from this article.

T-shirts may also be made to have long sleeves and might sometimes come with V-neck. They usually do not have any buttons.

Tee shirts are usually made with a light, stretchy and inexpensive material that is easy to clean. Before now crew necks were mostly worn as undergarments but they have evolved to casual wear. They are easy and also economical to produce.

Benefits of Wearing T-shirts

Wearing t-shirts come with many advantages. Here are some of these.

They Are Easy to Wear

Crew necks are pull-over with elastic necks. They are light and quite easy as well as comfortable to wear. They may be combined or worn with a whole range of lower body cloth materials like jeans, chinos, joggers, etc. You may also wear them over shorts or skirts.

Tee shirts may be worn for a variety of purposes. Many companies and businesses especially blue-collar workers wear them for work. They can also be worn for hangouts, hiking, going to the gym, and so much more.

They Help to Save Time

T-shirts save you time and effort because they are easy to wear. You basically just need to pull them over your head in less than 30 seconds and are ready to go. Oftentimes, they are usually wash and wear so you may not even need to iron them.

They are Affordable

T-shirts are generally one of the most affordable types of clothing. Depending on your choice, you can get expensive ones as well as cheap ones. You will even find some on sales a lot of the time. Due to this, they are quite common.

The fact that they are affordable does not mean they cannot be classy. While you will definitely find poor quality ones, you will also find top quality ones.

They are Customizable

The beauty of tees is that they can be printed upon and customized. That is, you can have words, images or graphics on them. While some may come designed that way, you can have yours customized with whatever you want on it. You may be interested in knowing the methods used for printing here

The best type of shirts to customize are crew neck and hoodies. Dress shirts are often for formal wear so it does not makes sense to put graphics on them. Polo shirts may be customized but may not be the best to use. This is especially when you need to put the graphic on the front part of the clothing.

T-shirts are better when they are printed on or customized. They are attractive and compelling and also send a message to others. They are perfect for spreading awareness. Companies use them to spread awareness about their businesses.

You may not need to spread awareness but you can buy tees that have quotes and inspirational messages on them. You may even choose to write your personal message.

When putting famous quotes on your shirt, you need to be careful. You should avoid trademarked quotes and any form of endorsement from businesses. Doing this can put you in a quagmire especially if you go ahead to sell the t-shirts.

Reasons to Wear T-shirts with Sayings

Words are powerful and they serve to inspire and encourage us and others. Rather than wear a plain tee, you can consider wearing one with an inspirational quote.

Words can be used to propel oneself and others into a culture. They can be used to tell your beliefs and what you identify with. This may be an idea, a culture, a person, your country, or your personality. It can also be a catchphrase that is empowering through affirmation.

Sayings on tee shirts can also be conversation starters that may help you expand your social network. As much as you can put a catchphrase, you may also put a poem. This means that you can shine through art and creativity.

Words, cute shirt sayings and quotes may be written on both the front and back of a tee. It is essential that they are properly placed and readable so that they convey the intended message.


There are various types of shirts. If you want to have saying and quotes on yours, then you should consider tee-shirts. Hoodies also can carry sayings.

T-shirts come with many benefits.  Asides from being comfortable, you can wear them at any anytime of the day and for a variety of purposes. They come in various sizes and colors so you will always find one that fits you perfectly.

They are also perfect for spreading awareness about something that you are passionate about. This can range from business to religious or educational sayings, etc.