Watch Out On Your Wastage

Household waste is continuing to be on the up rise. It’s a worldwide epidemic that many consumers have become comfortable with because they think it’s too much effort to control. Food is so quickly thrown in the bin than preserved, and scrapyards are piling high with our refuse. It’s a known fact that globally the amount of food we waste is enough to feed the third world countries that need it; sadly this is something that is not realised as we daily misuse our supplies.

Is it really a great difficulty to reduce household waste? Is it really as much of the uphill struggle that it seems? Does there have to be drastic change, or can it be simple day to day steps that make a difference? Maybe the first place to start in considering these questions is by eliminating the thought of it being a hard thing, and try #TasteWithoutWaste. BPI Consumer Packaging is one way you can make the most of your food and maintain your munchies, and here are a few more things to consider.

Start With Your Shopping

Don’t pile up on those perishable purchases, cashing out on a large amount of food with a short shelf life will leave you having to throw out the foul smelling items, before you even had the pleasure of cooking them. Keep check on what you need, have weekly meals planned out, and buy in accordance with them. You can’t go wrong with tinned or well packaged foods that have a use by date of over a year; this will give you more of an opportunity to make use of it before it goes off.

Overserved, Well Serve it Again

When cooking up a storm, try to be conscious of how much you need to cook to feed your family well, without there being an overload of food left to linger and end up not down the food pipe, but the bin. Scrimp those savoured dishes so that there’s none left to waste.

In the instance that there is food leftover from a meal, make sure you indulge in it again. Keep an evening meal stored in the fridge for a lunchtime luxury. It’s never a disappointment to enjoy a good meal twice.

Suss Out Your Storage

There’s a place for everything. No matter what you’ve bought from fruit to fudge cake, there is a specific place whether fridge, freezer, cupboard, or out in the open, to guarantee that it will stay fresh for longer. Pop a nearly out of date loaf of bread in the freezer, and use it again and again.

Do the Delightful Deed of Donating

Those tinned beans and packaged pastas can be given to a food bank if your household doesn’t want to find use for them. Give what you won’t make use of. For the things that have gone off, there’s even a place for them: give your scraps to a local farm.

For more info check out this infographic: