Bathroom Trends to Reflect Your Personality

Ever bought a new house and started to get your wallpaper scraper and paintbrushes out before you’ve even unpacked the boxes?

Living in a home that doesn’t represent your personality can be frustrating. Not only will it give off the wrong impression to your house guests but spending a lot of time in an environment that you don’t love, can hinder your enjoyment of home life.

One of the best places to start when choosing a design that matches your personality, is the bathroom.

If you need some inspiration to change your drab dwellings into the perfect paradise, or if you simply need help with colour scheme ideas, read on for some top bathroom trends to incorporate into your home:


With white décor in your bathroom, you should not only find it easier to clean, but you can display a love of the traditional themes.

Choosing white cladding for your bathroom will help to encourage a sense of calm and freshness in your home. As well as this, it will make it easy to see which items need a run over with the duster, making maintenance that little bit easier. It’s also so easy to clean – a simple wipe over is enough to keep it sparkling.


Colour is arguably the biggest reflection of someone’s personality regarding décor.

When it comes to a bathroom, you don’t have to stick to the rules and opt for magnolia if you don’t want to.

Bold colours such as red or blue can easily reflect a bubbly personality; someone who is not afraid of judgement. On the other hand, black and white décor can suggest that you’re a very formal individual with a bold personality.

Switching up your colour scheme is the perfect way to work towards a bathroom that you love.

In terms of 2018 focuses, like in other areas of the house, you can expect to see a return to soft colour tones with neutral finishes, particularly with flooring trends.


Having a theme

and running with it is a great way to reflect your personality in your bathroom.

If you’re the owner of a rustic-styled bathroom, this suggests that you have a traditional personality, and could hint that you are particularly romantic. Choosing a chic setting could imply you’re a classy individual with impeccable taste.

Starting with some wet wall shower panels that have a marble effect, or a certain pattern that catches your eye is a great starting point for creating a modern style. You can then work your way down to more specific decorations or ornaments that match this theme.


Having an unkempt bathroom will certainly let house guests know that your hygiene levels are rather low.

If you have large amounts of mould appearing in your bathroom then it’s evident that you’re not keeping on top of your bathroom cleaning chores. To combat the growth of mould, consider purchasing wet walls and easy-to-clean waterproof bathroom flooring.

With these features you can simply wipe any mess off the floor, cutting down on time spent scrubbing grout. As cleanliness can also indicate that you’re a sophisticated person, this is a great way of impressing friends and family with your high levels of class!

DIY Furniture

If you’re looking for a way to show off your creative side, and you know some great tricks with a workbench and saw, DIY bathroom furniture is the perfect way to showcase this.

Displaying this do-it-yourself furniture, whether this be something functional like a cabinet, an ornament or self-made fixtures, will easily highlight your productivity and imagination.

Dim Lighting

Dim lighting is a simple way of showing that you’re a man or woman of luxury.

Having a reduced level of brightness indicates someone who loves to feel relaxed and bask in the calming atmosphere. Dimmer light fixtures are available from many retailers, along with lamps, allowing you to create a therapeutic atmosphere in your bathroom

Grab that style sense by including heated towel racks and for even softer lighting, use candles.

There you have it, several ways in which you can make your bathroom your own. Once you have taken the initial plunge and begun to design your own room, your personality will naturally allow you to conjure up a design that you love.