Cool Ideas on how to write an Essay on Obama: Barrack the Man

Until the year 2006, very few people outside the United States and his native home in Kogelo village knew Barrack Obama Junior. Then, he was another ambitious Illinois Senator with some genius oratory skills and captivating charisma that dazzled his audience. That is why since he rose to prominence in 2008 following his landslide election, Obama has become a household name the world over. It is no wonder that writing an Obama essay is both captivating and inspiring for those who believe in what he stands for.

But how can you write a captivating Obama essay? This article will discuss all the captivating components that will make such an essay a must-read for anyone across the board.

Obama the pacesetter

Barrack Obama is a pacesetter for many. First, he has entered the books of history as the American president to be elected with the highest number of votes. Second, the son of Kogelo village is the first African and Kenyan citizen to become a president outside Kenya and the first African man to become president in a white-dominated nation.

A son of two worlds

Another idea that will make an Obama essay tick is the fact that he is the son of a Kenyan student who visited the US and married a white woman. The fact that he is an African man with a white mother makes him a darling of the two racial groups. That is why it was easy to vote him in without looking at the color of his skin because he has African and Caucasian blood in his veins.

A Christian with an Islamic heritage

What makes Barrack more appealing to the two main religious divides is that he bears the name “Hussein Barrack.” He was born to a Muslim father but a Christian mother raised him up. That is why it was easy for Americans of Islamic and Christian backgrounds to elect him because both parties claim him as “their son” even though he does not profess Islam.

Still connected to his roots

Even though his father died when he was still young, Obama made every effort to fly back home and know his village. Photos abound of him relaxing in his ancestral village in Western Kenya long before he ever knew that he would one day become the president of the United States. Very few people can fly all the way from the world’s most prosperous nation to a poor village in a little African nation—Kenya.

He faced and overcame challenges

Writing an essay on Obama does not have a lot of value and inspiration if you fail to mention the domestic and personal challenges he faced as he was growing up. First, his father separated from his mom when he was a very small boy. A single mom raised him just as millions of people across the world have experienced. He grew up witnessing what it means to struggle to play both mom and dad at the same time. Second, he was orphaned at a young age when his estranged father died in a car crash while he was still a teenager.

But despite all this, he never gave up hope, but on the contrary, he continued pursuing his dreams and finally graduated from the university. In the midst of all this, he has managed to start a new chapter in his life in that he has broken ranks with the polygamous disorder that flows from his family down from his grandfather to his late father. Barrack has maintained his first marriage up to this far and together with his wife Michelle, they are raising their two beautiful daughters Malia and Sasha.

The last “sonless leftie” president at the White House

Do you still want to make your Barrack Obama essay more sizzling? Well, you can’t make it until you include these fascinating facts. All the three retired presidents of the US who ruled between 1992 and 2016 have these two things in common. First, all of them had no sons. Obama’s predecessors Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have no sons. Second, Obama completes the cycle of left-handed American presidents. His two predecessors Bill Clinton and W. Bush were also left-handed the way Obama is. Whether this is a coincidence or a plan, only God knows.

Leadership in the face of crisis

To capture the picture of Obama’s leadership fully, it is necessary to include his ability to respond to a crisis. Obama swept into office at a time of an economic crisis. A looming financial recession was paralyzing the economy at that time. Armed with resilience, he tackled the crisis soberly and managed to contain it. He used the stimulus package and some of the leftovers from the Bush administration to push some money into the economy to stem the crisis. He also bailed out the motor manufacturing industry by giving America’s biggest and iconic manufacturers such as Ford, and General Motors a lifeline. Moreover, he stood his ground and supported banks that were starving from credit shortage.

The pragmatic approach he showed towards the resolving of the economic crisis did not just benefit the public during his first term in office. The solution he offered to stop the crisis from spiraling out of control helped to earn him votes during his re-election in 2012. Even though he did not fully address the burden of unemployment that was above the 7% margin, he still won the elections easily. In fact, most of the population at that time was blaming Bush for the economic difficulty that they were facing, and not Obama. With this kind of approach, Obama proved true to his mantra of “Yes we can” by inspiring his country to walk out of a possible economic meltdown.

Obama’s falling ratings

Even though he was elected with a historic landslide that made him the most admired American president, Obama also shed part of the popularity he had when he swept into office with his “Yes We Can” mantra. An Obama essay is incomplete without pointing readers to the other side of the coin. The reason is that Obama is a politician and not an angel. That is why the other side of the story needs to bring in the complete picture.

When he was campaigning for his first term in office, Obama wore a pacifist mask that he used to tell Americans that if they voted for McCain, then they are voting for Bush the “war monger.” He cut himself an image of non-aggression because the American public was tired of the senseless war in Afghanistan and they wanted their troops back home. Just as every “good politician” does, Barrack said that he would remove all American troops from Afghanistan within his first 12 months in office. But contrary to his promise, he more than doubled them in the same period. To make it even more “interesting,” he has retired without recalling one troop. This is one of the dents that eroded his popularity, but that is still “politically correct” for him to have done that.

Closing remarks

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