What Skills Should a Good Property Manager Have?

If you are interested in commercial real estate, then you must also learn about property management Corona CA options. Property managers can really turn your investment into a huge success, because they are true professionals. That said, it is vital that you research the property managers so that you find the one that delivers the best services. People do not become a property manager overnight. In fact, many start as a ‘cadet’, learning the job as they go along. Looking into the training programs, therefore, is a good starting point.

Skill Sets Required of a Property Manager

The first thing that you have to know about property management, is that they need different skills depending on the type of commercial real estate they deal with. It is said that industrial property is the easiest to manage, whereas retail is the most difficult. That said, there are some key skills that all property managers should have. Those are:

  1. Understanding the various types of leases and other forms of occupancy documentation.
  2. Understanding how properties can be marketed to the local community. They must also be able to encourage tenants to purchase the property should you be ready to sell, which will give the greatest return on investment.
  3. Having excellent financial analytic skills, being able to complete reconciliations through detailed performance tracking processes.
  4. Having excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. A good property manager has to be confident, accurate, and highly decisive. They must also understand and stick to legislation, laws, and regulations. At the same time, they have to understand and follow their clients’ instructions.
  5. Paying a lot of attention to detail. This is vital in matters of tenancy and sales, as they are related to a wealth of regulations and negotiations. Good record keeping is vital, therefore, so that there are no inaccuracies or mistakes.
  6. Anticipating upcoming vacancies, and have replacements ready as soon as possible. Vacant spaces are costly spaces!
  7. Optimizing income and controlling expenditure, which are key skills in terms of cash flow, and in terms of providing landlords with reports.
  8. Being fully up to date with the latest technological developments and how these can help in terms of improving performance. There are numerous management systems available today, and the property manager has to know them and choose the one that is most appropriate to their client.
  9. Being willing to work very hard, regardless of the time of day. In the world of real estate, things can go wrong 24/7, 365 days per year. They must be willing to do this.
  10. Being decision makers and controllers, even in difficult situations. They must be able to communicate with other employees, landlords, tenants, and contractors alike.

While this list is extensive, it does not mean that you will find it difficult to find a good property manager. A simple Google search will reveal a wealth of options out there. You simply need to make sure that you research the managers out there to check they meet the 10 points above.