Why vinyl flooring has become to go-to option

Now we’ve been spending the majority of our time at home, we’ve come to notice those odd jobs that we’d like to complete before the summer is in full swing. Some of these jobs are home renovations or decorating, meaning stripping everything away and starting again.

These leaves meant options to be desired in terms of colour schemes, style, how you want a room to function and where you will start looking. One thing you will be able to tick of your list after reading this is your vinyl flooring.


The foremost quality of vinyl flooring is the possibilities that lie within the hundreds of style combinations at your disposal. No matter the age of your home or the decade you would like to style it around, vinyl flooring gives you the material to make it your own.

Wooden flooring brings you natural home comfort and urban elements which are great for contemporary homes, or if you want something even more minimalistic you can choose white-washed or pastel coloured woods.

However, if you have a large space to fill which you would like to feel grand and prestigious then stone or marble effects can add a luxurious feel to your space. Kitchens and hallways usually find themselves occupied with stone vinyl flooring as it gives off a great impression.

DIY (if you want to)

The only decision you really need to make is whether you will be fitting your vinyl flooring using the glue down or click method. Many prefer the click method because it is simple and mess free as tiles and planks come already cut to size ready for you to just simply “click” into place. Others opt for the glue down method as they feel it is more secure and prefer to size the tiles themselves.


Vinyl leaves your shopping list for cleaning supplies a lot shorter than with your previous flooring. You will require only the basic cleaning products to keep your vinyl flooring in top condition, and to prevent small spills from becoming permanent stains.

Not only are the financial savings and attractive quality of vinyl flooring but the time you save from the lack of maintenance that is required is also very appealing.

What helps your new vinyl flooring to need less maintenance is the scratch proof and moisture resistant technology that it’s manufacturing design incorporates. All vinyl defends itself using layers of protective coating which block moisture from warping planks and scratches from leaving irremovable marks.

If you should need to replace a tile or plank, you don’t need to worry about relaying your whole floor, as each vinyl tile and plank can be removed individually, meaning intensive damage can be repaired in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of replacing authentic wood and tile flooring.

Help from the professionals

There is a multitude of supplier and vinyl flooring retailers on hand to give you advice, so you find the flooring that helps you to achieve your dream home.

Amtico is leading the way in the flooring marketing, offering unique styles and layering pattern options with all the added amenities which can help make modern life easier. Luvanto brings you top of the range colour technology, on planks and tiles which are designed to bring any home into the 21st Century but can also adapt to those homes which are trying to maintain a vintage look. Invictus is a worthwhile investment, incorporating border and layering patterns to slate and stone replica’s, as well as period styled woods.

Ease of maintenance alongside luxury is a hard combination to come across but vinyl flooring has it all. The benefits of each can work for busy family homes, interior designers, or just those who like to keep things different. Start your home design journey with luxury vinyl flooring today.