When Should You Rewire Your Home?

House rewiring is something that we rarely consider after moving in. The only situation when this is not the case is when we move into a new house and we basically need to call an electrician to make sure everything works properly. We need to realize that as time passes the work that was initially done may not be good now and rewiring may be necessary. Here is what you need to know about this.

Not Rewiring The Home

This brings in different possible hidden dangers. The homes running older wiring systems can easily turn into a disaster. Electrical shocks can appear when using appliances and fuses can blow a lot more often than anyone would want to deal with since the wiring system is overloaded. When appliances often get burned out you lose a lot of money on fixes. On the whole, not rewiring the home at the right time can easily lead to safety and health problems for all people living there.

When Do You Need Rewiring?

The house does give out various signs that a rewiring is needed if you are careful and you look out for them. This does include the following:

  • You see cables that look worn out
  • Outlets and cords become warm when used
  • Appliances, switches and sockets cause often electric shocks
  • You often have blown out fuses
  • Power outages happen much more frequently than in the past without any apparent reason
  • The outlets you have are 2 pronged instead of 3 pronged
  • The home was built between the fifties and the eighties. In this case it is almost a certainty that rewiring is necessary since modern gadgets have much higher electrical requirements.
  • When you renovate the home or there is an extension added. Even converting the attic or garage would require rewiring.

Advantages Associated With Home Rewiring

When you are thinking about putting the house up on the market you surely want to get rewiring done as this would attract a higher number of potential customers. Both the home buyers and the mortgage lenders are going to show increased interest when the home has wiring that was updated. This is particularly the case when the home is older.

If you do not want to resell the home, the main advantage is normally that you would add more outlets and switches for extra appliances and lighting fixtures. At the same time, you would guarantee the fact that the system is not getting overloaded because you have modern appliances inside the home.

Conclusions And Final Thoughts

Home rewiring is definitely much more advantageous than what many think. It is also a necessity in so many different cases. The only one extra thing that would need to be added is that you want to be sure that the work is going to be done by experts. You cannot really rewire your house as a simple DIY project. There are many things that would require licenses and you need to think about the safety of everyone living inside the home before you make a large modification like this one.