WBC Homes on Why You May Have Termites and a Rotten Deck

WBC Homes (West Coast Better Homes) is a company that offers roofing, windows, and patio covers to homeowners across the West Coast of California, including Santa Monica, Malibu, Los Angeles, and Burbank. They have an extensive portfolio of work they have completed on various homes, and you will also frequently see their work on decks and patios that have been affected by termites. So what is it that causes the deck rot and termites that are so frequently seen in California?

WBC Homes on Deck Rot and Termites

It is very common to see wood rot and termites at the same time. Sometimes, this is due to shoddy workmanship from an original contractor. Thankfully, more and more builders across California now have an increased understanding of both rot and termites, thereby helping to avoid this problem. Specifically, they will use primer on the wood used for decking before they put the decking into position. After that, they will place the deck and then stain or paint it. It is very important that the paint or stain is done after the primer or it will not properly adhere. Termite poison is generally added to the primer coat, which is essentially a copper sulfate. Do not believe, by the way, that Redwood is immune to termite.

So what are some of the reasons that text continue to be affected by rot and termites? mainly, it is done because of the fact that would settles and shrinks over time, leading to exposed areas. Should they would not have been primed before, these exposed areas will be nothing short of a heaven for termites period thankfully, most of this can be avoided.

First of all, there should be a gap in the wood. This ensures the wood is able to properly drain as well as breathe. An added benefit is that breezes will blow cold air through the gaps, thereby leaving new more comfortable, sitting in cool a breeze.  Furthermore, it is vital that they would use near the ground is properly treated. It is often expensive to purchase treated wood, but there is nothing stopping you from doing it yourself. Do remember to add the termite poison to the coat.

Another good tip is to use a raised footing. Making this putting out of concrete is the best idea because concrete will not rot when exposed to water. Even if there is a lot of rain and puddles form, your wood will be untouched.  Additionally, make sure that you use enough dirt below your deck,  while at the same time making sure enough space is left between the dirt and the deck itself.

Two final tips are to firstly make sure you do not use only nails to keep your decking boards in place, but to also use screws.  Doing so can double the overall lifespan of your deck.  Finally, make sure that your exterior stain or paint is made of 100% acrylic.