Waste Management Tips for Every Residential Property

Garbage is a problem faced by millions of people worldwide. Each year, large volumes of trash fill dumping sites. The total volume of trash generated by the global population is expected to balloon in the future. Without using proper waste management tactics, you will most definitely contribute to the worsening problem. Below are the five most effective waste management tips that you can use today.

Plan your recycling projects

Check which waste materials you can recycle before you call the junk haulers. Make an inventory of these items so you can plan your recycling projects. For example, you can reuse tin cans and wooden crates in improving your garden. You can also reuse coffee creamer or coffee jars as your kid’s cookie jar. Feel free to take inspiration from crafting blogs or social media pages. You can find plenty of things to do with your recyclable waste.

Turn your biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer

Love planting? Turn food waste, dried leaves, and other green waste into organic fertilizer by dumping them in your compost pit. You can use large tin cans or old plastic bins as your compost bin. Layer chopped leaves, moss, kitchen scraps and trimmings, newspaper, and all kinds of other materials in the bin. Don’t forget to add worms and spray water on the compost to encourage the breaking down process of each layer.

Ditch single-use plastic bags

When you head to the grocery store or other shops, you should opt to use reusable shopping bags made from nylon or canvas. You can also use crocheted shopping bags for your veggies, fruits, and other fresh supplies. Ultimately, this will help you minimize the use of single-use plastic bags. You can conveniently wash your bags if in case they get stained while you go shopping.

Say yes to less paper

While paper is made from biodegradable ingredients, it’s still one of the major types of trash found in landfills. You should lessen the use of paper. If you can, try using your mobile apps to take note of your tasks, reminders, and all sorts of other things. You should also opt out of regular mailing lists that don’t interest you.

Minimize the use of packaging

Instead of opting for disposable packaging items, invest in recyclable packaging. There are high-quality tubs you can use to store vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Avoid using disposable cups during special occasions. You should use washable cups, glasses, or mugs.

It’s not easy to solve the global garbage problem. It’s been around for decades and continues to worsen over time. This is why it’s important for everyone to take part in minimizing trash. It’s not exactly rocket science. Most of the time, the simplest waste control tactic can contribute a lot.

Once you follow a strict discipline, it will be easier for you to stick to a regular routine. Then, you can easily encourage more people around you to reduce the waste materials they generate in their homes too.