The best color combinations for a baby’s room

When you think about it, decorating your baby’s room is a bigger responsibility than it might initially seem. After all, you have no idea what their color preferences are; they don’t have the means to tell you just yet! Previous generations have stayed true to the tried and tested mentality of pink for a girl, blue for a boy, and whilst both of those colors are beautiful in their own right, you can be more adventurous and try experimenting with other colors. Here are some of the best color combinations for a baby’s room.

Grey And Yellow

Grey and yellow has grown to be more than an acceptable combination and is the perfect mixture of neutral and pastel that can make a room feel really airy and welcoming. What’s great too is that you can have bright yellow and dark grey or pale grey and bright yellow. Yellow is one of those ‘gender neutral’ colors and though we think that term is now becoming a little old fashioned at this point, there is no doubting that it is perfect for both a baby boy or a baby girl! This is evidenced by how many baby boy clothes and baby girls clothes feature yellow.

Red And Blue

There is something about red and blue together that gives off a nice vintage kind of vibe. If you like things in your home to be a little on the retro side and want your baby’s room to follow suit, then a largely blue color scheme with cool red accents in things like furniture and woodwork can be fun and playful.

Blue And White

Traditionally, blue and white has always been seen as evoking a nautical quality, but who wouldn’t want their baby’s room to feel like the seaside all year long? Whether you opt for traditional sailor-style stripes or go for a more blocky approach, the great thing about blue and white is that you can opt for a lighter baby blue or a darker navy blue and both combinations work perfectly. You’ll also notice that blue and white are the most staple colors found in baby boy clothes.


If you really can’t decide on one or two colors for your baby’s room, then why not just give up trying and throw the whole lot in instead! When you think about it, a baby’s bedroom is just about the only room in your home where you could get away with an outlandish rainbow decoration theme, so why not make the most of it before your little one grows up! Before you know it, they’ll be heading into a goth phase where everything has to be midnight black, so fill their room up with all the colors of the rainbow while you still can! The great thing about a rainbow theme is that you can do lots of cool things to incorporate skies and clouds on the ceilings, even great added touches like glow in the dark stars for the nighttime!