Interior Inspirations In Time For Summer


Summer is in full swing and it’s high time to think about the easy, effective ways we can bring more colour, fun and summer into our homes. Even if it’s a dreary day, we don’t need to retreat inside and be reminded of the ever approaching autumn through your usual winter décor, so why not spruce up your space either by adding a new deck, upgrading your flooring, or buying a couple of new cushions, bedding and the like to bring the outdoors in and enjoy summer regardless of whether the weather cooperates!

Building A Deck

Decks have always been all the rage and everyone gets huge use out of their decks in the summer months, what with barbecues, house parties and the like. Nothing is better than sipping your favourite iced drink on your back deck in the sun, hamming it up with your friends and family over a delicious barbecue. Decks don’t need to be difficult to build either, and with the right collection of heads and hands volunteering to make your new deck the best it can be, you will be off and enjoying a brand new deck sooner than you think! Check out your local hardware stores or the hashtag #InteriorInspirations from Chill Insurance for more ideas about some DIY projects you might be able to get done this season!

Summer Friendly Colours

Summer is known for being a time of bright colours, fresh patterns and otherwise ‘clear’ and crisp imagery. Bright floral colours, whites, pale yellows and blues and pastel colours are popular choices this time of year for cushions, bedding, and upholstery in general. Give your home that fresh new look this summer by breaking out the summer friendly colours in your sheets, bedding, chair covers and cushions! Check out the hashtag #InteriorInspirations for more ideas on what home décor can be applied to really put some summer in your step!

Upgrading The Flooring

Flooring doesn’t have to be a winter or autumn activity. Capitalise on the older kids being out of school and get some of the simple click and place flooring and get those tiles in place this summer! Nothing brightens up a room quite like a bit of new flooring, and with hardwood or hardwood appearance flooring being all the rage these days, the time has never been better to capitalise on getting that flooring replaced or upgraded to suit the summer months. Upgrading a floor has never been easier with the options out there nowadays, so get out to your local hardware store and check out some of the great ideas for new flooring you can do yourself with a little help from your friends or family!

There you have a couple of great suggestions for renovations or changes in the home that can be done this summer without needing to break the bank. You can check out even more fantastic ideas and inspirations from Chill Insurance through their ebook that highlights some of the fantastic ways people are sprucing up their spaces in time for summer!