Closet Too Small? Expand It The Way You Want


For fashionistas around the world, it is very important to them that they have lots of space to store all their wonderfully stylish clothes. The worst nightmare for any fashion lover is if they don’t have enough space to store all their clothes, shoes and handbags. If this is the case, then some people might be forced to sell a lot of their collection, just to be able to have more storage space for the other clothes.

However, this is a drastic step and it can be easily avoided if you have a think about the ways in which you would like to create more space and have bigger custom wardrobes. Read this very informative guide about the best ways to create space and have a big wardrobe. You will be able to apply this for yourself, which should make you extremely happy.

Take Out Some Unnecessary Shelving

The first thing that you need to do is inspect your current wardrobe and see if there are any wasted components. One of the most underused parts of a wardrobe are the shelves. These shelves may take up too much space, and they may not allow you to put as many clothes in the closet as you would want to do. In this case, you need to work out whether the shelves can be removed. If they can, then it is time to say goodbye to them! Once the shelves have been taken out, you can then hang up extra clothes without them getting bunched up or damaged.

This is an incredibly simple tip and it is something that everyone who owns a wardrobe should do.

Buy A Bigger Wardrobe And Put It Out On The Landing

This might seem like very obvious advice, but you might consider getting rid of your original wardrobe and simply replacing it with a much bigger one that can be placed out on the landing of the house.

You will find that you can then put all your clothes in there with lots of room to spare. Visit large wardrobes that are designed to hold as many clothes as possible without becoming overcrowded.

Make sure to put the wardrobe in a position that does not obstruct people as they are trying to get past. An obstruction could also present a fire hazard if people are trying to escape the building.

Create A Walk-In Wardrobe

The ultimate way to create more space is to get rid of the old closet and create a walk-in wardrobe in another part of the bedroom. Figure out how big you will need the wardrobe to be before hiring a company to start the installation.

The walk in wardrobe can be fitted with a floor-to-ceiling mirror so that you will be able to get ready easily in the morning. The benefit of having such a big walk-in wardrobe is that you will be able to go on a shopping spree without worrying about finding extra space to put all the new clothes.

Use this guide to create space in closets.