Backyard Upgrade: 7 Ideas That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

The value of your home depends on so many factors but there are only so many upgrades that you can make before you start compromising your own ROI. This is why backyard upgrades are so amazing when it comes to this goal because they give you a chance to engage in some inexpensive projects that will yield a disproportionally large boost in your home’s resale value. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top seven ideas that will increase the value of your home.

1. Build an outdoor kitchen

The first thing you should consider is an outdoor kitchen. Let’s be completely honest, if you’re ever to greet your guests in your backyards, it’ll be for a Sunday barbecue, so an outdoor kitchen is a most definite must. Moreover, this is a powerful lifestyle idea that you can plant in the mind of the buyer, which means that it will help you close the deal much easier.

2. Add a concrete patio

The functionality of your backyard is often determined by the quality of your patio which, if you don’t already have, you should definitely look forward to installing. By utilizing the latest construction techniques and relying on steel formworks instead of traditional timber ones, you can get the work done a lot quicker and have a more satisfying end result. Due to the fact that timber with over 20 percent moisture content may lead to open joints, thus compromising your structure, with some delicate projects, steel is the only sensible choice.

3. Landscaping

There are some estimates that claim that a home with no landscaping may be worth up to 10 percent less. For a $150,000 home, this would be $15,000 of wasted potential. The biggest problem with investing in landscaping lies in the fact that you have to A) invest a fair amount of planning and B) maintain the area until you finally manage to sell the place. In other words, instead of being a traditional project, like other entries on this list, this is a never-ending process.

4. Placing a pergola

The next thing you need is some shade, however, if you don’t want to push it too far and still want some rays to seep through, you should probably think outside-of-the-box and go for a pergola. This design is a simple, frugal and elegant solution. It partially covers the seating area (your patio), while still giving you some transparency. It’s also a great platform for you to grow a vine along or hang some planters on. Either way, it’s a simple and inexpensive project that you can even complete on your own.

5. Rainwater recycling system

Going green is a recipe for success for all those who aim to improve the value of their home in 2019. The first step on this path should definitely be the inexpensive idea of investing in a rainwater recycling system. This water can be used for watering lawns and washing cars. It can also be used in a toilet. Therefore, this reduces your water bill, making it into an investment that pays itself off. From the ecological standpoint, this reduces dependence on dams and helps fight erosion flooding and similar factors.

6. Invest in outdoor lighting

Another amazing idea that you should consider is an investment in outdoor lighting which creates a double-fold advantage. On the one hand, this improves the functionality of the area, allowing you to use it accident-free even during the night. Other than this, it bolsters the security of the property, due to the fact that a home with a proper nighttime illumination tends to be substantially less appealing to burglars. For greater sustainability and eco-friendliness, it’s always for the best to go with LED fixtures.

7. Driveways/garages

Unless your driveway is already paved, this is something that you need to tend to right away. Why? Well, because the first impression that a person has of the place happens before they even set their foot inside. Naturally, the driveway, often overlooked, is the first element of your property that any visitor will have any contact with. Considering concrete resurfacing can help make a great first impression. As for the garage, it’s a functional part of your home that might be a major deciding factor for any car owner.


In the end, it’s important that you understand that we only used projects that are known to give a great ROI. For instance, installing a lap pool in your backyard will definitely boost the value of the place but during a sale, you aren’t very likely to get a significant part of your investment back. With the above-listed seven upgrades, on the other hand, things tend to go much more in your favor.