Outdoor Landscape Lighting Market Size and Forecast

The outdoor landscape lighting market is a growing, innovative and steady market. Over the past few years, the market has been expanding rapidly. This rise in market growth is that the increasing demand for landscaping work complements the rising number of residential and commercial properties.

Also, the increasing need for sustainable lighting solutions and the advent of LED technology has increased the demand for outdoor landscape lighting systems. 

There are top outdoor lighting companies such as American Holiday Lights that are offering outdoor lighting services in Lemont and other areas in Illinois, USA.


Atrium lighting can be either electric or natural light sources. Electric atrium lights often use high-intensity discharge bulbs that produce a bluish glow, while natural light sources can come from daylighting fixtures or skylights.

Atriums are used in many buildings to create a sense of space, provide light and enhance the image of a business. Atriums are often helpful in commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, and office buildings.

The most common uses for atrium lighting include:

  • To illuminate the atrium from above
  • To illuminate the atrium from below
  • To highlight an entrance or corridor
  • To provide ambient lighting

Pool Areas

Pool areas are an excellent place for outdoor lighting. Pool lights charm your pool area and make it more enjoyable to be there. Many different pool lights are available, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. They come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. 

The best thing about pool lights is that they can be powered by electricity or solar power, making them eco-friendly. You can also use pool lights to create an atmosphere around your pool at night when it is closed. Such will make it feel like a party or even like a nightclub!

Pool lights can add ambiance and style to your swimming pool. Pool lighting can also help highlight the poolside furniture, making it a more attractive place for guests to relax. Pool lights can be critical, combined with pool covers and automatic pool cleaners.


Gardens are a great place to decorate and beautify your home. The proper lighting can make the difference between a beautiful garden and an unappealing area in which you wouldn’t want to spend time.

Outdoor lighting services in Lemont can help you create the perfect garden environment by providing the correct type of light to meet your needs. 


Picnic Areas

Outdoor lighting is used on the paths, roads, and parking lots at picnic areas. These areas emerge with an emphasis on safety and security.

The lighting in these areas can also be an asset to make the site more attractive. Such can include painting lines along the path’s edge or adding decorative lights to create a “string” effect.

Golf Courses

In golf courses, outdoor lighting is crucial to highlight hazards that need attention. For example, if trees have fallen over onto the fairway, they may be highlighted by bright lights so that they can be easily visible by players walking along the fairway at night.

Outdoor lighting also highlights hazards that need attention during daytime hours, e.g., a tree that has fallen over onto the course.


Walkways are often the first part of a home visitors see when they enter your neighborhood, so it’s important to ensure that walkways have enough light during the evening hours.

It is also important to remember those walkways might need to be illuminated at night if you want them to remain safe for pedestrians who may not be able to see well at night or if you want to prevent injuries from occurring on your property.


Many usually overlook driveways in outdoor lighting, but they play an essential role in creating a safe environment for pedestrians and vehicles using your private property.

Suppose you have children playing outside at night. In that case, you should consider installing outdoor lights along driveways so they can easily find their way home after dark without running into anything unexpected!

In Summary

In the end, outdoor landscape lights are an investment that can beautify and increase your home’s value. If you are ready to upgrade the lighting in your yard or build a new home, it is worth exploring the possibilities in this niche. You will likely get impressed by the results.