Living the Island Life: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Tropical

Summer is full of sunshine, blue skies, and the occasional trip to the beach. It makes us wish we could come home every day from our jobs—regardless of if we work outside on a farm or inside a building at a company like Haines—and relax on a tropical island of our very own. And while buying an island may be out of your budget, making your home feel like one is well within reason! Here are three ways to make your home feel a bit more tropical.

Luscious Plants

No tropical home would be complete without an abundance of luscious green plants. There are tons of tropical plants to choose from that resemble palm trees to some degree, like corn plants, yucca, split-leaf, dragon tree, and others. There are also lots of tropical flowers that add a bit of a Hawaiian feel to your home. Pick out a couple that you enjoy, both big and small, and find a good place for them in your home. You can even plant palm trees and pineapple plants outside if your climate permits.

Beach Palette

An easy way to give your home island vibes is by changing up its color palette, and most of these consist of all the colors you’d normally find on a beach. These consist of blues, greens, tans, whites, yellows, peaches, oranges, and anything vibrant that makes you feel as though you just walked into a Bahaman resort.

Authentic Materials

Just because you’ve got plants and beach colors spread around your house doesn’t mean it’s necessarily tropical. To give it that extra push, try adding materials that are authentic to other tropical resorts or island locations you’ve visited. Woven fibers, birch materials, seagrass, bamboo, coral, driftwood, and other pieces incorporated into your home in some way can truly elevate it from a “tacky tropical home” into an authentic one.

Tropical Decor

Now comes the fun part: decorating. You don’t want to go overboard with your decorations, least you risk creating a bargain bin Hawaiian store, but remember to have some fun with it. Gather a collection of tropical pieces for your bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Seashells, tropical rugs, wall decor, lamps, the works! You can really go as far as you want with this, but sometimes less is more. As long as you have a strong foundation and decent decor, there’s no need to overdo it.

Living the Dream

By adding these features to your home, you’ll be creating an environment that not only resembles the appearance of a tropical destination but gives you the feeling that you’re truly at one. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new tropical home!