Different Types of Bean Bag Furniture to Add to Your Home

Almost everyone who has had a child will know the advantages of having a bean bag chair. They are comfortable, fun to sit on, and can make a great space to sit down and unwind at the end of a hard day.

However, most people are also only familiar with the bean bag chair, which traditionally looks like a square or round pillow that is large enough to sit on and is placed in the corner of a room. If you are looking for a way to add a touch of the 1960s to your home, or just want to make it a bit more fun for your children, there are many different types of bean bag-based furniture to choose from.

Here are some of the more popular examples that you can add to your home.

Bean Bag Chairs

Starting with the most obvious is the bean bag chair.

These are usually full of either Styrofoam beads or shredded memory foam to provide you with a secure and supportive chair to sit on. They can be any size, with some of the more popular examples on the market today including the Lovesac SuperSac, which is in essence a giant bean bag that you can lay down on.

Bean Bag Sofas

Yes, the next size up from the bean bag chair is the bean bag sofa. These are usually longer and wider than a bean bag chair and can fit multiple people onto them at once.

Like the bean bag chairs, they are usually stuffed with shredded memory foam and come in a range of colors, as they will likely be a focal point of your living room. They are also usually a bit firmer than the bean bag chairs, so they can be more suitable for people who have issues with sitting and standing.

Bean Bag Stools

Want to put your feet up at the end of a long day? Then why not consider getting a footstool which is stuffed with memory foam or beads? These stools are super comfortable and will help to take the weight off your feet after a long day of running around. They can also ease pressure on the joints, making them suitable for older people who may have arthritis, or for people who have soreness in their ankles due to injury.

Bean Bag Rugs

This is a bit more unusual but can be great if you have a baby who wants to get down on the floor and have some tummy time. Rugs with an inner layer of Styrofoam or shredded memory foam can act as a great place to put babies when they want to get down on the floor, as it is supportive of their joints and will not be uncomfortable when they are moving around.

Bean Bag Pillows

Pillows are a great accessory to have in a living room, so why not opt for bean bag pillows which come in a range of sizes and have changeable covers? This can be great for people who work from home too, who may need something to lean on when sitting for hours at their work desk.