3 Easy Tips for Decorating Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting but stressful step in anyone’s life. Adding furniture and decorations to your new space is the key to making your rental feel like a home – but it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. For many renters, decorating a new apartment means taking extra steps to utilize the maximum amount of space possible in a small unit, and using a few tips and tricks to make your space appear bigger. If you’ve just leased a new apartment, here are 3 simple but effective tips for decorating and making the most of your new space. 

1. Pick a Statement Piece 

When determining what decor to add to each room, try to stick to one major statement piece that will serve as an eye-catching focal point for the space. You might try a multi-colored or patterned rug or a brightly colored accent wall in your living room. In your bedroom, your statement piece could include a framed piece of artwork or an object that represents your favorite hobby such as a motorcycle helmet from Get Lowered Cycles. Whatever statement piece you choose is a great trick for adding a personalized touch to any room while drawing attention to one part of a room so you can keep the rest of the decor simple. 

2. Get Creative With Storage Space

Clean up clutter around your space by utilizing smart storage spaces which will store your items without utilizing the extra room. This could include a living room coffee table with baskets, under-bed storage totes, a full-length mirror that folds open to store accessories like jewelry, and more. Keeping your apartment clean and free of clutter is one of the best ways to maximize the space you have available. 

3. Don’t Settle 

Decorating a new apartment can be a costly and time consuming process, and it might be tempting to settle for furniture or decor that isn’t exactly what you want to get the process over with faster. While this might feel easier in the moment, don’t be afraid to splurge on furniture and other necessities that are exactly what you want; you need to buy these items anyway, and investing in quality pieces that you really want will increase your chances of using them well into the future, making a potentially higher cost worth it.