Women Are the Key to Global Peace


Several women have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and for good reason. Women, collectively, work incredibly hard at forming new democracies. They believe that, so long as women continue to be oppressed, global peace is a fallacy. Positive change must be brought about, and they have collectively worked at achieving this. And for that, they should be recognized. Of course, not every powerful woman has won the Nobel Peace Prize, but they all work towards a common goal: a world in which equality, love, and humanity prevails.

Senator Nenadi Esther Usman

Nenadi Usman is a fantastic example of such a powerful woman. She is someone who is changing the world for the better. First of all, as a woman from Nigeria Esther Nenadi grew up in a very traditional country, one in which gender roles were clearly defined. Being from the state of Southern Kaduna, Nenadi Esther Usman grew up in a world where women were still strongly oppressed. But from a young age, she knew she wanted to be different. Hence Nenadi entered the world of politics. Not only is it still, globally, quite unheard of for women to enter politics, when they do, they tend to be in the traditionally “soft” sectors. Not so for Esther Usman, however, who took on a role as minister in the economic and financial sector. Not only is she the former finance minister from Kaduna, she also redefined the role of religion in Nigeria. This happened when she became Esther Usman, marrying a Muslim man.

Challenges in Society

What women such as Nenadi Esther and others are doing, is addressing the greatest challenge of all: bringing together people who differ from each other. Traditionally, people of different cultures and beliefs do not mix. However, according to Esther Nenadi Usman, this only leads to an “us against them” mentality, which stops progress in its tracks.

What Usman has done is take on a position in government that has enabled her to work side by side with others – women and men alike – and she has used this position to influence community participation, regardless of cultural, ethnic, or religious background. Nenadi is a true peace builder, and particularly so because of her position in the economic and financial sector. She understands that women are voters, women are consumers, and women are workers, just as men are. Hence, they should be given the same opportunities as well.

Women like Esther Nenadi Usman are making positive ripples that can be felt all over the world. They serve as inspiration for other women, who can see that they can have the same opportunities if they just take them. Nigeria continues to be a traditional country, but it is equally a country that thrives on breaking the mold and showing everybody that another world is possible. A world in which equality truly exists. This, many experts agree, is exactly what will eventually lead to global peace, with thanks to the work done by women.