What is Shiftpixy?

What is Shiftpixy? Shiftpixy is a brand new innovative scheduling and recruiting platform, which was designed to simplify the process of scheduling employees’ shifts. To discover a few of the myriad of benefits which business owners can enjoy as a result of investing in the Shiftypixy platform, simply continue reading.

What is Shiftpixy and what features does it offer?

  1. Shiftypixy allows workers to allow their schedule via a smart, easy to use application

Instead of having to wait until they arrive at their workplace to view their upcoming schedule of shifts, workers who are employed by a business which has invested in Shiftypixy technology will be able to download a fuss-free app onto their smartphone. Which will allow them to view their upcoming shifts in real time.

  1. Real-time reporting

One of the huge advantage of using Shiftpixy as a scheduling tool is that any changes which are made to any employees’ schedule, will instantly be reported in real time and will immediately feature on the employees’ Shiftpixy application. So an employee will never have to worry about turning up to work, to find that their regular shift was switched around, ever again.

  1. Employees will be able to effortlessly pick up extra shifts without any hassle

Another huge benefit to businesses of paying for Shiftpixy software is that, if employees call in sick or are unable to work a shift which they’ve been rostered to work, employees can use the Shiftpixy app to send a distress call to their entire workforce to see if there any workers who would like to work an extra shift.

Better yet, they won’t have to worry about too many relief workers turning up to cover the shift because as soon as enough employees use their app to confirm the extra shift which they plan to cover, the notice for emergency workers will instantly be removed.

  1. Shiftpixy is suitable for businesses of all sizes

Whether your business only hires 50 employees or you’re the owner of a large multi-city company which employees thousands of employees, you’ll find that Shiftpixy will work wonders for your company.

  1. You can choose to send shifts to individual employees

If you don’t want to send an available shift to hundreds or thousands of available employees, you can also choose to send a custom shift to an individual employee. Which means that you’ll easily be able to send shifts to your business’ highest performing employees and can avoid sending extra shift requests to low performing employees.

  1. Shiftpixy can be used to create custom shift rotations

Shiftpixy can also be used to create custom shift rotations, which will save your business valuable time.

  1. Can be used to track payroll expenses

Lastly, Shiftpixy can also be used to track your business’ payroll expenses.

So if you’re unhappy with your current scheduling software and are looking for an innovative solution to your scheduling issues, it’s well worth considering opting to use Shiftpixy, to handle all of your business’ scheduling needs. Better yet, you’ll love being able to use Shiftpixy’s highly rated app!