How Marc Leder built a successful business

Whether you’re interested in emulating Marc Leder’s unprecedented success as an entrepreneur or you’re interested in doing business with one of Leder’s high performing businesses, simply continue reading to discover how Marc Leder built a successful business, from the ground up.

How Marc Leder built a successful business that achieved a high level of success:

  1. Leder sought out opportunities to gain as much business knowledge as possible

While Marc Leder always dreamed of starting his own finance-related business, Leder made the wise decision to pursue an economics degree from the world-class Wharton School of Business, before choosing to found his own business. As Leder knew that having a successful education under his belt, would make starting and managing his own business a much simpler process, than if he were to found a business straight out of high school.

At Wharton, Marc Leder had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of economics, finance, and international business, from some of the nation’s leading business minds.

After graduating from the Wharton School of Business, where he thrived as one of his year group’s top students, Leder sought out a coveted role at Lehman Brothers, where he served as the company’s senior vice president. A position which gave Leder the business experience to handle founding his own finance focused company.

  1. Leder choose to co-found his first business Sun Capital Partners in 1995

Armed with years of experience as a chief executive at a few of the nation’s most highly regarded financial companies, Leder made the brave decision to co-found his very first company Sun Capital Partners. Why did Leder choose to found a company with company, instead of founding a company alone? Leder made the wise move of selecting business partners who strengths complemented his own strengths as an entrepreneur.

Leder firmly believes that if you intend to succeed in business, it’s important to be able to harness the strengths and talents of other like-minded individuals, who share some of your long-term goals.

  1. Under Marc Leder’s superb direction, Sun Capital Partners has achieved all of Leder’s long-term goals

During Leder’s expert directorship Sun Capital Partners has invested in over 355 businesses. Some of which operate out of the US and the rest of which are located around the world. Since it’s inception Sun Capital Partners has managed to bring in an impressive revenue of approximately $50 billion dollars.

  1. Marc Leder has numerous roles outside of Sun Capital, which give him new insights into running Sun Capital

Marc Leder isn’t the type of man who is happy to sit on his laurels and uses his spare time to serve as the director of the Berggruen Musem, which is located in Berlin and to fulfill the role of director at the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation. Roles which both improve Marc Leder’s skills as a leader, which he can then transfer to his role at Sun Capital Partners.

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you have a fair understanding of how Marc Leder was able to build his own business empire, from the ground up.