The Importance of Providing Employees with Awards and Recognition

Working for a company might feel repetitive for some, but there are other people who are doing their best every time they are reporting for work. For them, exerting their effort is an important part of their job, and they will do everything to be recognized by their superiors and ultimately, receive a promotion. Within the workplace, recognizing the employees for their hard work is important, and it will also inspire others to do the same. Providing an incentive to the employees would make them competitive, and it will also encourage others to exert additional effort when performing their tasks. Inside the office, providing awards and recognition to deserving workers would always end up in a positive way, increasing the reputation of the company as an employee-centric workplace.

If you are a business owner or one of the superiors working for a company, make sure that you will dedicate a specific date for the awards and recognition program. Create plaques and certificates of appreciation to the employees who are exerting additional effort, and those who are contributing greatly to the success of the company.

If you lack the talent in creating beautiful plaques, look for a third party company that could help you out. EDCO Awards & Specialties is a company that makes personalized plaques, tokens, trophies, and certificates, among others. The company has been operating for quite some time, and they have established their reputation among businesses which are looking for high-quality awards and recognition plaques.

Once the plaques and certificates have been made, make sure to choose an available time or date where the employees can attend the program. It can be done inside the office, or if the company has an additional budget, the program can be held outside. You also need to consider the food, the speakers, and if there will be additional prizes for employees who have shown outstanding performance. The company can also hire a third party business that will take care of creating a program and hiring great hosts who will be helping in creating a successful event.

The company needs to exert these tremendous efforts because of the following reasons – keeping the employees happy, making new leaders, and preventing a high attrition rate. Inside the workplace, one of the reasons why employees resign is because they are burned out. However, providing recognition for employees who exert additional effort will make the workplace a happier place. You will immediately feel the changes once the recognition has been given to deserving workers. It will make the employees feel good, knowing that their company cares a lot about them. You can also opt to give the deserving employees additional rewards, like an all-expense paid trip, or time off from work so that they can go out and take their family to a well-deserved vacation.

Another reason why recognition needs to be given to the employees is because of the trust that it will build between the two parties. According to a recent study, 90 percent of employees who were rewarded because of their hard work trust the company leadership. In contrast, 48 percent of employees who have not received recognition from the company they are working for do not have trust with the company. If you keep on recognizing the employees for their performance, they will build a strong sense of appreciation for the leaders of the company, and trust would slowly build up over time. For example, employees who are making effectively written essays should be recognized even if they only did a small thing. It is critical to appreciate the works of the employees because they are the ones driving the company to success.

Finally, one of the reasons why the employees need to be recognized is because it prevents them from leaving the business too soon. It costs a lot of money to train individuals who want to become a part of the company – money will be spent on their training, productivity losses, and other things that are involved in this process. If there are multiple employees who are leaving the company, it will hurt the business financially. One of the reasons why people are leaving their old companies is because they never felt appreciated, and they were not recognized for their efforts. This is alarming, especially for smaller companies because if they are not able to keep their employees, they would have a hard time looking for a replacement.