Cheap Essays vs Expensive Essays: What to Choose?

It is a no brainer that we want to receive top-quality everything at an affordable or at least a reasonable price. We don’t like to overpay, and it is natural. However, there is a difference between not paying too much and paying too cheap. In the first case, we are lucky, in the second case we are likely to be scammed or cheated in terms of quality. So, the only logical way is to choose something reasonably cheap and understand why it is cheap and why it shouldn’t be more expensive but at the same time can’t be less expensive without compromising on the quality of the result. Choosing a writing service causes a similar dilemma, and you should be prepared to solve it the most efficiently. So, let’s try to answer the question whether you need to buy cheap or expensive essays.

First of all, let’s define cheap for quality essays

Of course, for every person what is cheap and what is not, first of all, depends on his or her budget and previous experience. But there is also a market, and it should not be ignored. To define what is cheap in the world of academic writing it is safe to define the medium price for essays online and decrease it by 10-15%. The result should be considered to be a cheap essay, which is still absolutely safe to buy. It means that the essay writing service managed to optimize procedures so it can reduce its prices a bit, but it doesn’t compromise on quality and doesn’t hire students to write your papers.

Expensive essays are no longer a necessity

Previously, writing services were scarce, which means they had to be expensive because they were exclusive. All the exclusive things cost more than they actually should. But with the development of the market, the situation has changed dramatically. There are plenty of services, and there is no need for them to be expensive. So, the exclusiveness of some companies in this field is nothing more than a marketing strategy, which is aimed to persuade you that the higher the price, the better the quality. And on this market, it is not even close to the truth.  

Cheap writing services have an opportunity to hire better writers

It sounds a little strange, but it is true, and we can prove it. Expensive services don’t have a constant flow of orders; the essence of their business model is completely different. They focus on several clients and compensate times with almost no orders with a big margin for previous orders. On the other hand, affordable writing services have a constant flow of orders and it doesn’t 100% depend on the low or high season. It means that writers get paid at approximately the same level all the time and don’t need to wait for months to get some orders to write. From what we know about the freelance professional writers, they prefer to work at the same pace and have a stable, guaranteed income, than to be stressed over whether they get one or two expensive orders this month. Consequently, good writers work for affordable services. They also develop their skills all the time, as they have more orders to work with and more experience with different types of papers. As a result, cheap writing services have more competent writers.

When you decide to buy an essay or any other paper online, we recommend choosing cheap writing services over the expensive ones. In 2019 there is no need to overpay for essays and there are affordable agencies to deal with your assignment at the needed level of quality.