Simple Ways to Save Money on Energy in the Workplace

So much energy gets wasted in the workplace these days. If you’re a business owner – or you just care about saving energy – you can help save money and reduce wastage by adopting a few simple methods…

Establish energy efficient practices

Depending on which energy company you are with, they will probably have off to high peak times throughout the day. You can try to only use excess energy during the low or off peak times, and encourage your employees to do the same and see how the energy usage decreases.

Heat Recovery

Especially useful on an industrial location, a heat recovery system can help cut back your energy bills and keep a building warmer for less during the winter months. It is so easy to lose valuable heat in the workplace Simple things like opening a window can waste so much heat and ultimately energy! Heat recovery lies at the heart of making a workplace and factory floor more efficient and cost effective, and with a ventilation system, you get fresh, warm air constantly circulating through the space without waste.

Use Energy Saving light bulbs

You can find super energy efficient light bulbs these days, that can use up to 80% less energy than standard varieties. If you have a workplace that is particularly large or that needs to be well lit, this can really help reduce costs. Alternatively, adding in some windows or even a skylight can add bundles more natural light, reducing the need for lighting altogether. Another good idea it to have automatic, motion sensor lighting, so that when a room is vacant, the lights turn off.

Reduce Paper Wastage

Even though we live in the age of the internet, paper wastage is still a massive issue. You should definitely one ever print when it is absolutely necessary. This will not only reduce the amount of paper wastage but also help to cut energy required to run printer, which will help in reducing your energy bills and even make the your printer last longer.

Hibernate computers

You can use a hibernation feature on all computers and laptops which will allow you to save your existing work as it is so that you can continue from the same point next day, without using or wasting any energy! Get your employees to schedule their workstation to switch to hibernate mode after working hours and over weekends.

Let your employees work from home

Allow your employees to work from home on alternate days! This not only gives your employees a perk and some freedom and flexibility, but with technology these days an employee can connect to office network safely and securely and work just as efficiently from the comfort of their own homes. With less employees in the workplace, less lighting and electricity will be required.