Optimising Your SEO In Simple Ways


Whether you’re a fledgling business or a well established international conglomerate one thing is for certain – you want organic reach and to be able to promote your products and services to those who are likely to purchase them. Organic search services from SEO Brisbane can help your business stand out from the competition easily and develop brand trust as well as give your company the boost in search rankings it needs to be seen by those who are most likely to want to purchase your products or services. But what should and shouldn’t you do when it comes to using search engine optimisation (SEO) to help grow your organic reach? Here is a roundup of a few points to note to help you on your way. Getting a company such as click.co.uk to help you in your SEO needs is a great first step to getting the rankings you want.

Do: Use Analytics

Using analytics to measure the success of your keyword use. Over time you may find that your results slip in rankings which is why using analytics to track keyword usage and their successes is important to achieving the best in keyword ranking. Try using long tailed keywords that have a low ‘difficulty’ rating – essentially meaning that they’re less likely to be used by other companies with similar products looking to achieve the same rankings as you.

Don’t: Link To Other Pages Too Frequently

Using links from other pages too often can actually harm your rankings in search engines and also make your content look like one big selling platform which is unattractive to potential users. This can create more “bounce”, meaning potential readers only stay on that specific page for a few seconds before “bouncing” to another without fully reading the content.

Do: Create Content Specific To Your Keywords

Using keywords related to content is probably one of the biggest ways to increase your visibility in search engines. Content that readers want to read is important and will create shareable content that works in your favour, resulting in more visibility. The keywords you use though should be specific to the content as well. Search engine algorithms these days can detect proper conversational language, so it can mess your chances of ranking if you just have a bunch of unrelated on a page. Likewise they can actually rank you lower if you overuse the same keyword, so try to use variations and synonyms too.

Don’t: Cheat

Participating in link schemes or even outright buying links or using hidden links are all seriously out of date forms of increasing your SEO. Trying to manipulate the system simply won’t work with algorithms that have been put in place to combat exactly this kind of way of working and getting caught out can actually cause you serious consequences and get you penalised and thus cause you to have to go back to square one anyway.

So there you have a couple of do’s and do not do’s of SEO content and ways to get your company ranked higher and faster. Keep in mind it’s an art and it can take some time to get yourself up the rankings, so be patient and enjoy!