How To Boost Your Small Business Marketing Game

It goes without saying that marketing is crucial for every small or medium company. It represents a way to strengthen the brand and attract new customers, so it should be treated as a priority. Unfortunately, up and coming companies rarely have the knowledge or the resources needed for a persuasive marketing campaign that relies on traditional channels. That’s why it’s recommended to explore advanced marketing techniques that can be executed without professional help and with minimal investment. Here are a few rules of thumb that can be particularly valuable for smaller companies looking to market their services. 

Pictures speak louder than words

This is not a new principle, since newspaper ads and TV jingles utilize visual material quite effectively to make an impact on the potential customers. The main difference is that today it’s possible to publish a lot of images even if your budget is close to zero. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are ideal for showcasing your company and its products in a visual format, and small businesses are quickly learning how to leverage this opportunity into fresh leads. Images are much easier to process than plain text, and they can explain your offer much faster and more convincingly. In some business fields, the appropriate images will be easy to select, but even companies that offer complex services could benefit from visual communication if they are imaginative enough.

Unique gifts make a strong impression

Everyone loves free stuff, especially if it comes with a personal touch. If you surprise your best customers with nice gifts, you can forge firm relationships that last for years and contribute to your financial stability. It doesn’t have to be an expensive present to make an impression – personalised bottle openers or engraved pens are some examples that work well in practice. Customers appreciate the attention more than the material value, which is why personalisation is so essential. Ideally, those gifts should have a clear practical application, since this gives your brand additional exposure. Whenever the client uses the personalised item in public, your logo will be seen by new people who might decide to give your company a chance at some point in the future. 

Hard sell doesn’t always sell better

Inexperienced marketers want every campaign to result in a sales boost, but sometimes more patience is required. If your brand is completely unknown, you will have a hard time scoring conversions right away. In fact, too aggressive tone might turn away more potential customers than it attracts. A more tactical approach would be to improve your visibility and build up your reputation before you start an intensive sales-oriented marketing effort. This will give the customers a chance to become more familiar with your offering without feeling pressured to make a purchase. This principle is especially important for high value products, as buyers are naturally disinclined to take unnecessary risks. By going slower, you can address their concerns and win their confidence, making it easy to close the sale.