How DUII Charges Can Affect Your Career


Not only will driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) pose a threat to both your own life and the public, but it could also result in jail time and, at the very least, could destroy your career. Take a look at how DUII charges can destroy a person’s professional future. Therefore, contact professionals such as Romano Law who understand the severity of a DUII charge and fight for the best case scenario.

Employment Termination

If you are arrested for a DUII, an employer can take the steps to either suspend or fire you, especially if your conduct is relevant to the workplace. While not all employers may choose to fire you, many may have no other choice but to terminate your contract with immediate effect. For example, if you are required to drive a vehicle, an employer may deem you unfit for work, as you cannot be trusted to perform the role and you may pose a risk to the public.

A Suspended Driver’s License

If this is your first offense DUII and the chemical test shows you have a BAC of .08% or higher, you could receive a 90 day administrative license suspension. What’s more, if you refuse to take a chemical test, Oregon’s implied consent laws could result in your license being suspended for one year. That is in addition to a DUII conviction suspending your license for one year.

If you rely on a vehicle professionally, this could result in you losing your job, as you will be unable to perform your duties. A DUII charge alone could therefore destroy your career before you have even been convicted of the crime.

A Criminal Conviction

If convicted of first offense DUI charge, the judge is required to sentence the driver to perform community service or serve jail time. A criminal lawyer Townsville says either way, you will receive a criminal conviction that could prevent you from reaching your professional aspirations, as you will be legally required to mention a past or current conviction to an employer.

The jail time could result in a first offender experiencing from two days to one year in prison; however, community service may also be ordered for a minimum of 80 hours and a maximum of 250 hours.

There will also be financial consequences, as there is a minimum fine of $1,000 for first offense DUIIs, in addition to the $255 conviction fee. However, if your BAC was 15% or higher, you will be ordered by the judge to pay between $2,000 to $6,250. However, if you drove under the influence of intoxication with a passenger in the vehicle, you could be ordered to pay the maximum fine of $10,000.

How to Avoid a DUII Conviction

Whether you work in marketing, retail or the auto industry, a DUII conviction could stop a flourishing career in its tracks, and has the potential to take away your freedom, reputation, and income. It is therefore essential you contact a leading DUII attorney in Oregon for effective representation, so you do not receive a DUII conviction that could destroy both your personal and professional career.