Ensure Stability and Reliability for Your Business with Cloud-Based Environments

It’s a wild place in the world of developer operations, and it’s important you have a good idea of what issues developers may not like to talk about. When you look into the nitty gritty details of being a developer, you find some unsettling truths that may help your business if you react to them. 

What devs won’t tell you 

Look, we all know that developers are tech wizards that understand pretty much every line of binary code that passes through your PC, right? Wrong. Yes, they’re highly trained, highly skillful, and highly knowledgeable. They are great at working with computers, but that doesn’t mean that they are computers! The machine you’re looking at right now is passing information around much faster than a human brain could comprehend. Through all that ever growing technology, there’s bound to be some slip ups. Sometimes developers overestimate their work. Sometimes they underestimate it. Many times, they encounter issues they never fought possible, but they deal with them. 

The quick fixes aren’t always the most effective

Let’s say your new app encounters a bug. Quick! Send the devs to fix it! They’ll have it solved in no time, for cheap! Right? You might think so for the most part, but doing these quick little solutions to your tech problems isn’t always great long term. With any problem, it’s important to look at the underlying reason it’s even there in the first place. Maybe you have outdated software. Maybe your servers suck. Perhaps the code you wanted it written in doesn’t work that well anymore. Whatever it is, your developers don’t want to disappoint you with the big, costly fix. A lot of times, it’s easier to please the boss when you offer a cheap (yet short sighted) solution to the problem. 

It’s better to start from scratch

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for great development operations, you might notice this desire follows you around. You start noticing the apps on your phone. The websites you use. Maybe even the screens at the checkout counter of a grocery store or the flight list of an airport. No matter where you go, the work of developers follows you. You’ve probably started asking yourself why some apps work so well and others are garbage? Some of the best development teams in the world throw out everything at the start of the year, and rebuild all of their content from the beginning. A lot of executives might cringe at the time and money that is seemingly thrown out the window through that possibility, but a simple understanding of the development world can change that easily: It’s fast. This isn’t like your business class where the same fundamental ideas are being passed over thousands of years. This is a brand new, constantly developing galaxy of information, technology, and creativity. The more you focus on updating it, the more you’ll profit.

How DevOps Offers Continuous Business Improvement

If you don’t have time to deal with the countless possible development operations horrors and problems, Grid Dynamics offers continuous development improvement. It’s time to have some professionals lend you a hand. They cover pretty much everything, like speeding up development, solving unforeseen problems, doing tests to improve overall performance/quality, and more.