Car Trends

Multiple stakeholders across the car industry are being affected by fast-changing activities across the automotive ecosystem. It does not matter that it is in the supply chain, marketing, customer preferences or operating environment. Did you know that at online casinos there so many games related to cars see best Australian pokies here and play?

As car-makers are preparing for next decade they have to solve five questions and assess how they are going to respond to the challenges and opportunities they present. These are the following questions being asked

  1. How will products need to adapt?
  2. How will business models need to adapt?
  3. What are the new market dynamics?
  4. What are the supply/value chain issues and implications?
  5. How will demand for vehicles and mobility evolve?

Five Car Trends Ahead

  1. Most governments are now shifting focus to three areas in order to manage individual mobility. Factors considered include environmental compatibility, safety and preservation of resources. OEMs are beginning to build cleaner, more diverse and safer range of cars. This includes a variety of zero-emission vehicles.
  2. OEMs develop new value propositions to meet shifting mobility needs of consumers in both the developing and developed worlds. The rate of urbanization will inevitably almost lead consumers in the already developed world to find alternatives to car ownership. The same phenomenon will lead people in developing world to purchase more cars.
  3. New players taking the lead in the mobility. New players are entering markets because of the advancement in technologies and unsatisfied consumer needs. Non-automotive companies are providing services such as mobility integration and vehicle integration, car-sharing and advanced car entertainment systems.
  4. Electrified vehicles. Tougher emission regulations, more widely available charging infrastructure, lower battery costs and increasing consumer acceptance are creating strong momentum for the penetration of electrified vehicles. After all who does not want a car is cheap to operate and allows them to play real money online casino games on the go at best new zealand casino online and stand a chance to win big.
  5. Social media is redefining automotive marketing. The traditional means of marketing a vehicle by writing on car windows has changed dramatically. The social media phenomenon has brought about access to uncensored feedback including consumer’s perceptions and opinions. Customer’s decisions are being influenced by other consumer’s influential blogs/websites and news articles.