The difficulties of running your own business or building your brand cannot be understated.  It takes a lot of energy to craft your brand while making wrong moves left and right along the way.  This can be even more difficult when you don’t have anyone guiding you along the way towards business success.

Being an entrepreneur and being in control of your life is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, there is nothing like building and creating your own brand. On the other hand, being your own boss can be scary and frightening, especially when you are new to the game and lacking the experience to make sound decisions.  After a seemingly endless stream of mistakes or missed opportunities, it is quite tempting to pack it in and give up.

Some entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have some sort of mentor guiding them during their path to success.  Having a mentor is incredibly beneficial. They can present a different mindset, perspective, and set of ideas based on their own past experiences to help steer newer entrepreneurs and brand builders along the way.  It is often easier to avoid a future mistake when you have the advantage of foresight than to pull yourself back by making that mistake on your own. A helpful mentor can help push you through those times of doubt and get you to your next step.

Finding the Right Mentor

Unfortunately, not every entrepreneur is able to have a mentor or guide.  Those just starting out with their brand or business often lack the business network and connections that more experienced entrepreneurs have access to. This makes it harder to find someone willing to take the time to help guide you through your journey.

For those who are not lucky enough to have their own mentor, there are still plenty of resources available online and through social media to help along the way.  Countless articles, lectures, and podcasts are able to provide help and advice for new entrepreneurs in need of a bit of guidance.  However, there are also a large number of self-proclaimed “gurus” who claim to know the answers, when really they do not know what they are talking about.

It’s easy to lose yourself in endless videos and forums looking for the right mentor, and end up overwhelming yourself. That is why when looking for branding guidance online, it is more beneficial to stick to a small number of trusted and proven mentors, such as Tai Lopez, to help you through your path.

Tai’s Four Pillars of “The Good Life”

Tai Lopez is a big name in the online marketing and entrepreneurial world.  Despite facing a challenging childhood and not even finishing college, by the age of 30 Tai was able to successfully build his brand and become a millionaire.  He has amassed a huge number of fans and listeners through his popular YouTube channel, his podcast “The Tai Lopez Show”, and his online series titled “The 67 Steps”.

Tai offers guidance for go-getters, entrepreneurs, and brand builders based on his own philosophy, which is the source of his own success.  Lopez constantly works towards balancing health, wealth, love, and happiness, which are what he describes as the four pillars of “The Good Life”. He also describes his own journey and encourages others to strive to become valuable, inimitable, rare, and non-substitutable, for which he uses the acronym “VIRN”.

Another trait of Tai’s philosophy is the endless pursuit of knowledge.  He claims to read a new book every day, digesting the main themes and ideas of each book and discussing them on his podcast and YouTube channel. He maintains that the key to becoming more successful is the ability to absorb new ideas and perspectives, in order to tackle the new problems that we face every day in a more effective manner. He also says that this tactic of absorbing and creating new knowledge is a direct factor to his own successes in life.

Listening To The Experts

Tai encourages and preaches self-advancement to his viewership.  He says that his own life has been an ongoing experiment with principles behind VIRN, the four pillars of “The Good Life”, and endlessly pursuing knowledge.

The pursuit of knowledge is indeed a virtue, and it might behoove new entrepreneurs to take note.  When building a brand or business, an exhaustingly complex task, a lot of knowledge and experienced can be gained by heeding the words of an already successful mentor.  It can be very beneficial to find the right mentor or guru, especially when starting out on your own for the first time.